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GPS Tracking


GPS Tracking

ADACS4 offers the ability to integrate GPS Tracking for use within the ADACS4 Title III System or for standalone use with various types of GPS tracking devices. Whether GPS Tracking is integrated or standalone, GPS Tracking allows the user to view onscreen the location of specific targets. These devices can be carried by the field agent or planted on a vehicle to accurately track a person of interest.

Show below is the GPS Tracking of ADACS4. Basic information such as Track Start Time, Track End Time, Duration, and Comments is available to the user within this screen. For web purposes, the blue arrow indicates one such GPS location received by ADACS4.


The slider below the map allows the user to progress the GPS timeline to reveal the route of the GPS devices. As the slider is progressed the green arrow indicates the GPS location.

One advanced function of ADACS4 GPS Tracking is the ability to reveal local associate addresses. This feature allows the users to see who is in the area and where the target might be going. To apply this feature, the user selects the “house” icon to the right of the map as shown above.

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