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Internet Intercept


Internet Intercept

ADACS offers the Internet Intercept Evidence Module as a standalone system or as an integrated module with ADACS Enterprise Server. The ADACS Internet Intercept has been used to collect:


• HTTP Browsing Traffic
• SMTP Outgoing Email
• POP3 Incoming Email
• AOL’s AIM Instant Messenger
• Yahoo Instant Messaging
• MSN Instant Messaging
• AOL Email Service
• Hotmail
• Yahoo Email
• Other Online Services

“SyTech has the ability to think outside the box to find solutions for the ever expanding world of telecommunications intercepts. Their staff are professional and the quality of their support is unmatched by anyone.”

– Certified Technical Investigator, Westchester County DA, NY

The ADACS Probe

The ADACS Probe, if necessary, functions as the packet sniffer at the service provider. The probe is only required for those providers that do not send target data to the agency. If required, the probe passively scans the service provider’s network and locates all data sent and received by a target’s IP address. The probe indentifies the packets and routes them to the agency’s ADACS where it can be received by the ADACS Packet Processor.

The graphic below displays the Probe Management Software for the ADACS Probe.

The ADACS4 Internet Intercept Consists of 3 Major Components


The ADACS Packet Processor

The ADACS Packet Processor receives the routed packets and duplicates the data. One stream is sent to the ADACS Archiving System where it is directly archived to the median while the second duplicate stream is used within the ADACS Construction Application.

The ADACS Constructor

The ADACS Constructor rebuilds internet traffic and visually constructs web pages, instant messaging and email. Rebuilding web traffic from raw data is the most difficult part of an intercept. ADACS4 modularizes the process to create an efficient method of generating useful web interception.

The graphic below displays the Constructor Management Software of the ADACS Constructor.


ADACS4 uses the same Client Host application for all of its live monitoring and review of captured data. When a user brings up a web page in ADACS4, the workstation sends the command to Server Host Service and the webpage is depicted onscreen as shown in the graphic below. The user has the ability to view the websites the target has visited in a playback style format.


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