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Location Collection & Mapping


Location Collection & Mapping

ADACS4’s Live Call Mapping allows the user to view the target’s location as a function of cell tower proximity. In conjunction with the FBI’s CALEA Group, ADACS4 accesses the FBI’s i1020 database for the most up-to-date cell tower information. When ADACS collects an incoming call from the target, ADACS4 queries the i1020 database for associated cell tower information. This information includes the tower’s latitude and longitude and the transceiver’s azimuth, beam width and distance. From this information, ADACS4 is able to illustrate the caller’s approximate location within the Live Call Mapping Interface during a live call.

“The mapping program was instrumental, displaying in real time, utilizing the tower hits, the target’s cell phone location… The detectives and analyst are impressed with the features… in a user friendly format…”

– Vice & Narcotics Unit, Hernando County SO, FL

How to Access Location Mapping

To access the Live Call Mapping Interface, the authorized user simply clicks on the tower icon to reveal the proximity data of the incoming call. ADACS4 plots the cell tower location and plots the caller’s estimated location as shown in the graphic below.


After the call is complete, the user has the ability to play back the recording and view the progression of location data with the playback portion of the ADACS4. ADACS4 stores the target’s locations over the course of an investigation and is able to graphically represent when and where a target was located as a function of time.

How to View Simultaneous Calls within Location Mapping

For instances where multiple calls are occurring at the same time, ADACS4 allows the monitor to view multiple calls simultaneously. In the graphic below, multiple targets are tracked. The blue arrow indicates the color coding for the second target as shown in yellow.


In addition to Live Call Mapping, ADACS4 can be configured with user-defined GeoFences. GeoFences allows the user to create a perimeter region within the mapping interface—if the target makes a phone call from inside or outside the perimeter, ADACS4 can be configured to automatically send an email update to the selected users.

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