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Pen Register Systems


ADACS Pen Register Systems allow law enforcement agencies to receive real-time caller information from cellular phones, landlines, and other types of switch-based communications.  Pen register systems by SyTech reveal who a target is calling or messaging, the duration of a calls, where the calls occurred and more. Integrate the Location Mapping Evidence Module to graphically view where the target is calling from as well as the target’s location over a range of dates.

SyTech Signal Intercept Engineers work with your organization to determine the optimal ADACS Workstation Server that’s right for your agency. SyTech offers affordable pen-data packages such as our “pay-per-pen” and “unlimited-pen” options with secure, encrypted access to all service providers. Additional standalone ADACS4 Evidence Modules for Video Interfacing, Call Record Importing and GPS Tracking are also available.

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