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Title III Systems


Single-rack ADACS Enterprise Server

ADACS Title III Systems deliver the highest level of voice and data wiretapping for agencies wishing to intercept, record and analyze communications passing through a service provider’s switch. Built upon 15 years of wiretap experience, ADACS Title III, featuring ADACS4 Enterprise Servers, are designed to be the next generation of voice, video and data collection systems for all types of switch-based communications.

Almost all ADACS4 Enterprise Servers feature some form of Title III intercept via the ADACS4 Voice Intercept Module. With this capability, ADACS Workstations connect via LAN to the ADACS ES resulting in a secure, multi-position monitoring environment. Within the ADACS Network, the ADACS Administrator can configure various rights and permissions for each individual monitor assigned to the specific case.

The ADACS4 Intercept Platform functions as SyTech’s next generation voice, video, and data collector for all forms of switch-based communication including CALEA J-STD and VoLTE voice intercept. A combination of hardware and software, ADACS4 allows the agency to discretely intercept all forms of CALEA-compliant communications directly from the target’s service provider. Collection and audio playback occur in real-time in conjunction with the agency’s standards of lawful intercept. Advanced T2S2 tools such as location mapping, automatic alerts and secure wireless monitoring take the intercept out of the wire room and into the digital age.

Title III Systems

“We have utilized ADACS on several pen registers and one Title III case that involved multiple phone intercepts as our suspect changed phones number times… (SyTech) provided outstanding services… The connectivity service provided by your company has proven to be a valuable component… We have developed excellent cases for prosecution on upper level drug trafficking networks with your equipment.”

– Commander, Larimer County Drug Task Force

Enterprise Server: System Benefits

Intercept Capabilities

ADACS4 Evidence Modules allow the system owner to select the specific types of data your agency wishes to intercept. Evidence Modules include the capability to intercept all types of communication passing through a service provider’s switch. Based on your jurisdiction, budget and investigation, choose among modules for call data, location mapping, voice, IP and more.

Evidence Modules

• Pen Data
• Location Mapping
• Voice Intercept
• Internet Intercept
• Video Interfacing
• GPS Tracking
• Call Importer

Simplified Use

The power of ADACS is immense—user interaction doesn’t have to be. ADACS4 was designed to simplify the intercept process with system advantages such as automatic email alerts, automatic reports, simplified searching and Nuestar lookup. Select from features located on the left-hand navigation to learn more about ADACS Simplified Use.


ADACS Enterprise Servers allow your system to grow based on the needs of your organization. ADACS Enterprise Servers range from multi-national intercept systems handling millions of call records to single-rack systems handling a handful of intercepts. SyTech offers options for the number of simultaneous calls supported, number of networked workstations and connectivity options as well as additional products and services designed to deliver unsurpassed evidence collection.

The graphic below illustrates an ADACS ES-4 Workstation Network. In this example, the ES-4 features several ADACS4 Evidence Modules in addition to three networked ADACS Workstations and a network printer.


SyTech ADACS Enterprise System: System Diagram  |  ES4 with ADACS Workstation Servers

Dedicated Support

SyTech understands the nature and importance of your intercept. It’s because of this that we offer around-the-clock support for all intercept systems. Whether it’s step by step instructions to set up your first wire or troubleshooting service provider errors at midnight, SyTech is there to make sure your intercept is hassle-free.

Service Provider Connectivity & Reducing Costs

Reduce the costs of a wiretap with SyTech’s CDC Service. CDC Service allows you to securely connect to SyTech for encrypted data delivery. Instead of paying intercept fees to multiple carriers, SyTech grants CDC access from all available service providers effectively reducing the cost of a modern wiretap.

Getting Started with ADACS

Systems begin around $40,000 with some systems exceeding millions of dollars. In many cases, SyTech offers a trial loaner system for you to familiarize yourself with the intercept environment.

Enterprise Sever

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