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Video Integration


Video Integration

ADACS4 Intelligence Collection System provides the capabilities to integrate IP video streams within the ADACS4 Title III System or as a standalone video recording system.

The ADACS4 Video Recording Module allows the user to control IP video streams from select Sony and Axis camera devices. Video controls include the ability to pan, title and zoom as well as set up motion detection zones. To activate this feature, the user simply draws a box on the video stream to indicate a trigger zone. If motion is detected within this zone, the ADACS4 Video Recording Module can be configured to zoom in, take a snap shot, or begin recording.

The graphic below illustrates two cameras configured and set to monitor a parking lot. With this arrangement, the first camera is set to detect motion within a parking space. When the status of this parking space changes, a second camera automatically zooms in and takes a snap shot of the license plate.


The ADACS4 Video Recording Module applies the same ADACS4 direct-archiving standard to video recording. This style of recording is unique to video systems as it creates a tamper-proof form of video export. In addition to video integration, the ADACS4 Video Recording Module allows the user to upload video recording files of associated cases for consolidation of multi-media evidence.

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