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Call Record Importer


Call Record Importer

The Call Record Importer portion of ADACS4 allows agencies to upload toll records from service providers to create a standard, usable format for call record information.

The graphic below illustrates the Call Record Importer. After receiving the toll records from the service provider, the user simply selects the template from the service provider list. Since all service providers deliver data in different formats, the ADACS4 Call Record Importer offers forty (40) different import templates for major and minor service providers.


The user selects the Preview button and the toll records are matched to their corresponding category. If aligned correctly, the user selects Import and the files are uploaded to the ADACS Archive. ADACS4 provides a summary of the import in the window below the preview.

In a similar fashion to the ADACS4 Live Call Mapping, the Call Record Importer can also receive and track location information for service providers that provide this data. For example, Sprint, Nextel and MetroPCS currently provide this data with other service providers expanding capabilities in the future.

The Call Importer comes standard with the ADACS4 Title III but can be used as a standalone tool for users seeking this capability.

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