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Live Collection

Monitor real-time voice, messaging, and data from service providers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and more.

Monitor from Multiple Sources

Don’t miss a second of evidence with real-time monitoring and playback from any source, with a Title III compliant system. With ADACS Live Collection, law enforcement agencies are able to view the target’s location and activity, as well as intercept voice and available data from the court-order target. No matter the location or time, ADACS4 is able to follow any court-ordered source, including:

Cell Phones    Landlines    VoIP Audio Sources    Social Media

Minimization Compliant

ADACS4 is non-invasive, allowing law enforcement to focus only on court-ordered calls and conversations between the target and potential associates. It utilizes Title III voice collection, with real-time monitoring, minimization, playback and analysis.

Court-Ready Evidence

SyTech reduces the cost and complexity of the intercept by leveraging existing connections with the service providers and supplying real-time voice and data to the law enforcement agency.  
With ADACS4’s flexible discovery export process, providing evidence for a case is easy and effective. Conversations are directly archived into the system, allowing them to be exported and played in court as evidence without hassle. 
Additionally, with User Events, agents are able to add notes and events directly into ADACS while in the field. Add surveillance notes, photos, and more, while linking events within the shared database for easy collection and export later.


20 Years of Experience

As technology progresses, the collection system must adapt accordingly. Twenty years ago, SyTech was the first to decode and deliver iDEN to law enforcement collection. In 2014, SyTech was the first to decode and deliver to law enforcement VoLTE collection. As data applications evolve, SyTech continues to work with solution providers to decode and deliver all types of communications regardless of format and provider.

  • Monitor live audio from court-order cell phone, landline and VoIP audio sources. 

  • Title III voice collection with real time monitoring and playback

  • Court-order minimization compliant

  • Archiving and court playback. Compliant with jurisdictional evidentiary standards including direct archiving.

  • Flexible discovery export process.

  • Integrate “Title III” cameras for integrated video capability.

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