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Pen Register

ADACS enables law enforcement to monitor live data at any time, including real-time data and caller information, from any location.

Real Data in Real Time

With ADACS pen registers, real-time data can be monitored and archived without hassle. ADACS utilizes integrated analytical tools to determine actions, movement patterns, and associates. SyTech incorporates third-party databases for live look-ups for the names and addresses of associate numbers.
Data collection from the Pen Register includes:

Call Identifying Information    IP Data    Location Data

Location Tracking, Everywhere They Go

Never lose sight of a target. Agents can monitor live tracking of targets and associates with multiple sources of location services, including e911, cell tower pings, and SyTech’s SmartBug, as well as with third-party trackers.

Take the Wire Out of the Wire Room

ADACS Web Client enables agents to view real-time information from smartphones and computers from anywhere with an IP connection. Our intuitive, user-friendly interface allows agents to view data from their choice of location. Set up ADACS PC Client to monitor from a control room or office, or track targets remotely on a smartphone with the ADACS Web Interface.

  • View real-time data from target cell phones.

  • Data includes call identifying information, IP data, and location data.

  • Integrated analytical tools to determine associates, actions, and movement patterns.

  • View data within the ADACS PC Client or remotely on a smartphone with the ADACS Web Interface.

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