Evidence Modules

ADACS4 Evidence Modules offer a scalable framework for evidence collection within the ADACS4 Intercept Platform. By selecting the ADACS Evidence Modules that are right for your agency, SyTech can price, configure and support a turnkey intercept system built to meet your call-volume, monitoring and evidence requirements.

ADACS Wiretap IP Server(2)

ADACS4 Evidence Modules result in secure, real-time monitoring regardless of device median, location or service provider. So whether your targets are emailing on a Verizon Android, calling from a Comcast VoIP home phone, or text messaging on a Sprint Nextel Boost mobile phone, ADACS4 delivers the evidence you seek. To learn more about the ADACS4 suite of Evidence Modules, select from the links below.


Collection Modules

Title III Voice Collection: Monitor, record and playback cellular phone, landline and other types of voice communications in real-time.

Pen Data Collection: Receive real-time caller information from cellular phones, landlines other types of switch-based  communications.

Location Collection and Mapping: View the target’s location as a function of cell tower proximity as well as trace a target’s location over a course of time.

IP Data Collection: Collect web and email traffic from qualifying IP targets.

Integration Modules

Video Integration: Integrate and upload IP video streams within the ADACS4.

Call Record Importer: Upload toll records from service providers to create a standard, usable format for call record information.

Reporting and Analysis : Output various reports based on user-defined parameters as well as generate link charts for target analysis.