Pen Data Collection

The ADACS4 Pen Data Intercept Module allows law enforcement agencies to receive real-time caller information from cellular phones, landlines, iDEN handsets and other types of switch-based communications.

ADACS4 Pen Register System

The graphic above illustrates a target using a cell phone in multiple states.  As the target makes phone calls, the target’s data is automatically collected from the CALEA-compliant service provider and supplied to the agency’s ADACS. As calls arrive, the user can view who the target is calling, when calls take place, call duration and location with the ADACS4 Location Mapping Module.

In the example above, a query was run by selecting seven records. The ADACS4 Pen Data Module with Location Mapping reveals that the target was making phone calls within this range and travelling out of the state on the corresponding dates.

ADACS4 can also be configured for Automatic Alerts that automatically send agents email messages when a target is on the move or travels outside of an area.

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