Radio Interoperability Gateways

Radio interoperability gateways from SyTech range from single-port radio interfaces to nationwide radio access networks. The RIOS radio interoperability gateway is comprised of two main components: the RIOS Radio Gateway I/O and RIOS Server Computer.

The RIOS Radio Gateway I/O physically connects to the customer’s radio assets with the corresponding RIOS Radio Interface Cable. The gateway I/O receives the input from the radio and communicates the signal to the RIOS Server computer. The RIOS Server computer runs the RIOS Server Software, a background service operational within the Windows operating-system environment. Control of the system is accomplished through the RIOS Client Graphical User Interface.

SyTech offers a variety of radio interoperability gateways specifically designed for today’s prevailing radio interoperability applications. The table below highlights the various radio interoperability gateways available from SyTech.

Radio Gateway I/O
Expandable Image Number of Physical Interface Ports I/O to Computer Type
RIOS TAC2 Portable Radio Interoperability Gateway  RIOS TAC2 Radio Interoperability Gateway  8 USB
RIOS RMC Rackmount Radio Interoperability Gateway  RIOS RMC Radio Interoperability Gateway  Scalable, 2 – 32 USB
RIOS Ai-16 Radio and Telephony Gateway RIOS Enterprise Radio Interoperability Server 16 or 32
50-Pin Centronics
RIOS 1 Port Radio Interface RIOS 1 Port  1 USB

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