RIOS Radio Interface Cables

The table below displays the part numbers for currently available RIOS Radio Interface Cables. Column 4 displays the SyTech part number for the standard, push-to-talk RIOS Radio Interface Cable. If the radio is cable of remote radio control, Column 5 displays SyTech part number or the remote control unit (RCU) part number.

If your radio does not appear on the list, contact SyTech; almost all radios with an auxiliary port are compatible with RIOS.

Vendor Model Type Part Number Part Number
Standard RCU
4 Wire Type One F CAB-00200 N/A
4 Wire Type Two F CAB-00201 N/A
4 Wire Type Three F CAB-00202 N/A
4 Wire Type Four F CAB-00199 N/A
4/6 Wire RIOS to TCI F CAB-00306A N/A
4/6 Wire TCI to B-66 Block F CAB-00307 N/A
Andriod All P CAB-00036
Barrett 2030 M CAB-00172
Barrett 2050 M CAB-00172
Barrett 2060 M CAB-00172
Barrett 2090 M CAB-00172
BK Radio DPH P CAB-00050 N/A
BK Radio DPHX P CAB-00050 N/A
BK Radio DMH M CAB-00155 N/A
BK Radio EMH M CAB-00155 N/A
BK Radio EMV M CAB-00155 N/A
BK Radio EPH P CAB-00050 N/A
BK Radio EPI P CAB-00050 N/A
BK Radio EPU P CAB-00050 N/A
BK Radio EPV P CAB-00050 N/A
BK Radio GMH M CAB-00155 N/A
BK Radio GPH P CAB-00050 N/A
BK Radio KNG-P150 P CAB-00084
BK Radio KNG-P400 P CAB-00084
BK Radio KNG-P500 P CAB-00084
BK Radio KNG-P800 P CAB-00084
BK Radio LMV M CAB-00155 N/A
BK Radio LPH P CAB-00050 N/A
BK Radio LPI P CAB-00050 N/A
BK Radio LPV P CAB-00050 N/A
BK Radio LPX P CAB-00050 N/A
CDMA Wireless CDMA W CAB-00028
Cobra FRS105 P CAB-00068
Cobra FRS110 P CAB-00068
Cobra FRS220 P CAB-00068
Cobra MRHH100 P CAB-00061
Cobra MRHH200 P CAB-00061
Cobra PR240 P CAB-00061
Cobra PR245 P CAB-00061
Cobra PR350 P CAB-00061
Cobra PR560 P CAB-00061
Cobra PR1100 P CAB-00068
Cobra PR3000 P CAB-00061
Cobra PR3100 P CAB-00061
Cobra PR3175 P CAB-00061
Cobra PR4000 P CAB-00061
Cobra PR4250 P CAB-00061
Cobra Cobra 4 Pin M CAB-00127
Codan Codan NGT SR M CAB-00140
Codan ManPac 2110 P CAB-00174
Codan Unication U3 P CAB-00096
EADS TMR-880 M CAB-00167 CAB-00268
EADS THR-880 P CAB-00093
EADS THR-9 P CAB-00092
EF Johnson 511X P CAB-00055
EF Johnson 512X P CAB-00055
EF Johnson 514X P CAB-00055
EF Johnson 518X P CAB-00055
EF Johnson 5000 P CAB-00055
EF Johnson 5100 Series P CAB-00055
EF Johnson 5300 M CAB-00123 CAB-00500
EF Johnson 5500 M CAB-00123
EF Johnson 7700 P CAB-00055
EF Johnson 7780 P CAB-00062
EF Johnson 9700 M CAB-00123
EF Johnson Asend M CAB-00123
EF Johnson Avenger-7780 P CAB-00062
EF Johnson Avenger-8150 P CAB-00062
EF Johnson Avenger-8160 P CAB-00062
EF Johnson Avenger-8170 P CAB-00062
EF Johnson Stealth P CAB-00055
EF Johnson Summit 9755 M CAB-00126
EF Johnson Smartnet P CAB-00062
EF Johnson Smartzone P CAB-00062
Ericsson PM-82EN M CAB-00232
Ericsson PM-82SN M CAB-00232
Feidaxin FD-268A P CAB-00052
Feidaxin FD-268B P CAB-00052
Feidaxin FD-288 P CAB-00052
Feidaxin FD-6288 P CAB-00052
Garmin Rhino 110 P CAB-00061
Garmin Rhino 120 P CAB-00061
Garmin Rhino 130 P CAB-00061
Garmin Rhino 520 P CAB-00061
Garmin Rhino 530 P CAB-00061
GSM Wireless GSM W CAB-00028
Harris XG-75 P CAB-00089
Harris XG-100M M CAB-00144
Harris Special to 204A XG-100M M CAB-00171
Harris Unity XG-100P P CAB-00087
Harris M-7100IP M CAB-00129A CAB-00244A
Harris M-7200 M CAB-00145
Harris M-7300 M CAB-00144
Harris RF-5800M-MP (PRC-117F) M CAB-00077 CAB-00259
Harris RF-5800M-HH () P CAB-00077 CAB-00262
Harris RF-5800H-MP (PRC-150) M CAB-00077 CAB-00261
Harris RF-7800M-HH (PRC-152) P CAB-00077 CAB-00260
Harris RF-7800M-MP (PRC-117G) P CAB-00077 CAB-00266
Hytera PD-7xx P CAB-00095
iCOM IC-02AT P CAB-00068
iCOM + P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-04AT P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-4GAT P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-207 M CAB-00100
iCOM IC-208 M CAB-00100
iCOM IC-718 M CAB-00124
iCOM IC-2720 M CAB-00100
iCOM IC-2720 RXO M CAB-00101
iCOM IC4008A P CAB-00068
iCOM IC4088A P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-7000 M CAB-00173
iCOM IC-A5, A6 P CAB-00088
iCOM IC-A110 M CAB-00104
iCOM IC-A200 W/ MB-53 M CAB-00164
iCOM IC-A200 w/ MB-113 M CAB-00165
iCOM IC-A210 W/ MB-53 M CAB-00164
iCOM IC-A210 w/ MB-113 M CAB-00165
iCOM IC-F3 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F3G P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F3GS P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F3GT P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F3S P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F4 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F4G P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F4GS P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F4GT P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F4S P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F4TR P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F11 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F11S P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F-14 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F21 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F21BR P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F21GM P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F21S P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F-24 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F30G P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F30GS P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F30GT P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F31 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F31GS P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F31GT P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F33GS P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F33GT P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F33TR P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F40G P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F40GS P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F40GT P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F43GS P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F43GT P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F43TR P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F50 P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F-51 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F60 P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F-61 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-F70 P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F80 P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F110N M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F110SN M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F121 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F121S M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F210 N/W M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F210S N/W M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F221 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F221S M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F310 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F310N M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F310S M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F310SN M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F320 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F320S M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F410 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F410S M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F410S N/W M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F420S M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F420S N/W M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F510 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F510N M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F520S M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F521 M CAB-00120 N/A
iCOM IC-F610MPT M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F610N/W M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F620 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F620S M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F621 M CAB-00120 N/A
iCOM IC-F621S M CAB-00120 N/A
iCOM IC-F621TR M CAB-00120 N/A
iCOM IC-F1000 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F1010 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F1020 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F1500 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F1610 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F1610N M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F1610N BIIS M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-1721 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-1721D M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-1821 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-1821D M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F2010 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F2020 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F2500 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F2610 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F2610 N/W M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F2610 N/W BIIS M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F3061S P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F3061T P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F4061S P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-F4061T P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-2721 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-2721D M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-2821 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-2821D M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-F7000 M CAB-00120
iCOM IC-FR3000 F CAB-00411
iCOM IC-FR4000 F CAB-00411
iCOM IC-H2 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-H6 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-H16 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-J12 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-M1V P CAB-00085
iCOM IC-M45 M CAB-00103
iCOM IC-M5 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-M72 P CAB-00085
iCOM IC-M88 P CAB-00069
iCOM IC-Q7A P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-R8500 M CAB-00101
iCOM IC-T2H P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-T22A P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-T22E P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-T42A P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-T42E P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-T90 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-T7A P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-T7H P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-U12 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-U16 P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-W32A P CAB-00068
iCOM IC-V8 P CAB-00068
iPhone ALL P CAB-00036
iSPACE iO270 F CAB-00028
iSPACE iO270 RSS Cable F CAB-00030
iSPACE iO270 (unterm) F CAB-00034
JPS ACU1000/DSP-1 Audio C CAB-00300
JPS ACU1000/DSP-1 Audio/Control C CAB-00301
JPS RIOS Radio to ACU1000 A CAB-00350
Jotron TR-810 M CAB-00177
Kenwood FreeTalk P CAB-00052
Kenwood ProTalk P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-22AT P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-235A P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-D7A(G) P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-F6 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-F7 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-G71 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-G71A P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-K2 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-K2AT P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-K4 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-77A P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-78A P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-28A P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-48A P CAB-00052
Kenwood TH-42AT P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-180 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-190 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-208 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-220 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-240 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-240D P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-240H P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-248 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-249 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-250 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-253 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-255 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-260 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-260D P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-260G P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-260L P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-270 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-270G P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-272 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-272G P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-278 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-278G P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-280 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-290 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-308 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-320 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-340 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-340D P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-348 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-349 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-350 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-353 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-360 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-360G P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-370 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-370G P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-372 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-372G P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-373 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-378 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-378G P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-380 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-390 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-430 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-431 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-480 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-481 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-630 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-690 M CAB-00150 CAB-00251
Kenwood TK-690H M CAB-00150 CAB-00251
Kenwood TK-705 M CAB-00162
Kenwood TK-705G M CAB-00162
Kenwood TK-708 M CAB-00162
Kenwood TK-708G M CAB-00162
Kenwood TK-715 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-730 M CAB-00160
Kenwood TK-760 M CAB-00152
Kenwood TK-760H M CAB-00152
Kenwood TK-762 M CAB-00152
Kenwood TK-762H M CAB-00152
Kenwood TK-768G M CAB-00152
Kenwood TK-780 M CAB-00152 CAB-00220
Kenwood TK-780H M CAB-00152 CAB-00220
Kenwood TK-790 M CAB-00150 CAB-00251
Kenwood TK-790H M CAB-00150 CAB-00251
Kenwood TK-830 M CAB-00160
Kenwood TK-860 M CAB-00152
Kenwood TK-860H M CAB-00152
Kenwood TK-862 M CAB-00152
Kenwood TK-862H M CAB-00152
Kenwood TK-863G M CAB-00152
Kenwood TK-868G M CAB-00152
Kenwood TK-880 M CAB-00152 CAB-00220
Kenwood TK-880H M CAB-00152 CAB-00220
Kenwood TK-890 M CAB-00150 CAB-00251
Kenwood TK-890H M CAB-00150 CAB-00251
Kenwood TK-930 M CAB-00153
Kenwood TK-930H M CAB-00153
Kenwood TK-931 M CAB-00153
Kenwood TK-931H M CAB-00153
Kenwood TK-940 M CAB-00162
Kenwood TK-940G M CAB-00162
Kenwood TK-941 M CAB-00162
Kenwood TK-941G M CAB-00162
Kenwood TK-980 M CAB-00152 CAB-00220
Kenwood TK-981 M CAB-00152 CAB-00220
Kenwood TK-2100 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-2101 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-2102 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-2107 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-2118 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-2130 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-2140 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-2160 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-2170 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-2180 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-2200 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-2201 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-2202 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-2206 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-2207 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3100 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3101 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3102 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3107 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3118 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3130 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3131 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3140 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-3160 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3170 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3173 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3180 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-3200 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3201 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3202 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3206 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-3207 P CAB-00052
Kenwood TK-5210 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-5220 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-5310 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-5320 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-5400 P CAB-00051
Kenwood TK-5710 M CAB-00154 CAB-00228
Kenwood TK-5720 M CAB-00154 CAB-00228
Kenwood TK-5810 M CAB-00154 CAB-00228
Kenwood TK-5910 M CAB-00154 CAB-00228
Kenwood TK-6110 M CAB-00160 N/A
Kenwood TK-7150 M CAB-00154 CAB-00228
Kenwood TK-7160 M CAB-00161
Kenwood TK-7162 M CAB-00161
Kenwood TK-7180 M CAB-00154 CAB-00228
Kenwood TK-7360 M CAB-00162
Kenwood TK-8150 M CAB-00154 CAB-00228
Kenwood TK-8160 M CAB-00161
Kenwood TK-8160 M CAB-00161
Kenwood TK-8180 M CAB-00154 CAB-00228
Kenwood TK-8360 M CAB-00162
Kenwood TKR-751 R CAB-00169
Kenwood TM-251 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-255 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-261 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-270 M CAB-00162
Kenwood TM-271 M CAB-00162
Kenwood TM-451 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-455 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-461 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-641 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-642 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-732 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-733 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-733 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-741 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-742 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-941 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-942 M CAB-00157
Kenwood TM-D700 M CAB-00156 CAB-00230
Kenwood TM-G707 M CAB-00156
Kenwood TM-V7A M CAB-00157
Kenwood TS-480 M CAB-00159
Kenwood TS-2000 M CAB-00151
Kenwood NX-200 P CAB-00051
Kenwood NX-210 P CAB-00051
Kenwood NX-220 P CAB-00052
Kenwood NX-300 P CAB-00051
Kenwood NX-310 P CAB-00051
Kenwood NX-320 P CAB-00052
Kenwood NX-410 P CAB-00051
Kenwood NX-700 M CAB-00154 CAB-00228
Kenwood NX-800 M CAB-00154 CAB-00228
Kenwood NX-7000/8000 M CAB-0015A CAB-00228
Linton LT-2188 P CAB-00052
Linton LT-2268 P CAB-00052
Linton LT-2288 P CAB-00052
Linton LT-3188 P CAB-00052
Linton LT-3260 P CAB-00052
Linton LT-3268 P CAB-00052
Linton LT-3288 P CAB-00052
Linton LT-5288 P CAB-00052
Linton LT-6100 P CAB-00052
Linton LT-6200 P CAB-00052
Linton LT-6288 P CAB-00052
Maxon PL-1145 P CAB-00080
Maxon PL-2215P P CAB-00080
Maxon PL-2245 P CAB-00080
Maxon PL-2245P P CAB-00080
Maxon PL-2415 P CAB-00080
Maxon PL-2445 P CAB-00080
Maxon PL-5151 P CAB-00080
Maxon PL-5161 P CAB-00080
Maxon PL-5164 P CAB-00080
Maxon SL-25 P CAB-00080
Maxon SL-55 P CAB-00080
Maxon SL-55plus P CAB-00079
Maxon SL-100 P CAB-00080
Maxon SL-100K P CAB-00079
Maxon SP-120 P CAB-00080
Maxon SP-130 P CAB-00080
Maxon SP-140 P CAB-00080
Maxon SP-200 P CAB-00080
Maxon SP-200K P CAB-00080
Maxon SP-210 P CAB-00080
Maxon SP-300 P CAB-00079
Maxon SP-310 P CAB-00079
Maxon SP-320 P CAB-00079
Maxon SP-330 P CAB-00079
Maxon SP-340 P CAB-00079
Maxon VX-310 P CAB-00053
Maxon VX-500 P CAB-00053
Maxon VX-510 P CAB-00053
Maxon VX-520 P CAB-00053
Midland 75-440 P CAB-00053
Midland 75-785 P CAB-00053
Midland 80-400 P CAB-00053
Midland G-225 P CAB-00053
Midland G-227 P CAB-00053
Midland G-300 P CAB-00053
Midland GXT-200 P CAB-00053
Midland GXT-250 P CAB-00053
Midland GXT-300 P CAB-00053
Midland GXT-325 P CAB-00053
Midland GXT-400 P CAB-00053
Midland GXT-444 P CAB-00053
Midland GXT-450 P CAB-00053
Midland GXT-500 P CAB-00053
Midland GXT-550 P CAB-00053
Midland GXT-600 P CAB-00053
Midland LXT-210 P CAB-00053
Midland LXT-216 P CAB-00053
Midland LXT-303 P CAB-00053
Midland LXT-305 P CAB-00053
Midland LXT-350 P CAB-00053
Midland LXT-410 P CAB-00053
Midland LXT-435 P CAB-00053
Midland STP-105B P CAB-00086
Midland STP-404A P CAB-00086
Military GRC-171 V1 F CAB-00168
Military GRC-171 V2 F CAB-00168
Military GRC-171 V4 F CAB-00168
Military LST-5A M CAB-00077
Military LST-5D M CAB-00077
Military PRC-68 M CAB-00077
Military PRC-117 M CAB-00077 CAB-00256/257
Military PRC-117F M CAB-00077 CAB-00256/257
Military PRC-117G M CAB-00077 CAB-00266/267
Military PRC-148 (MBITR) P CAB-00077
Military PRC-152 M CAB-00077
Military PRC-127 P CAB-00050
Military URC-200 M CAB-00077 CAB-00263
Military Sincgars M CAB-00077
Motorola APX-6500 M CAB-00114A CAB-00209B
Motorola APX-6500 Tnk/mnt Hi Pwr M CAB-00135
Motorola APX-6000 P CAB-00082A N/A
Motorola APX-7000 P CAB-00082A N/A
Motorola APX-7500 M CAB-00114A CAB-00209B
Motorola APX-7500 Tnk/mnt Hi Pwr M CAB-00135
Motorola Astro M CAB-00105A CAB-00212C
Motorola Astro Digital M CAB-00105A CAB-00212C
Motorola Astro Digital Trunk Mount M CAB-00146A CAB-00253
Motorola Astro Spectra Consolette F CAB-00213A CAB-00233A
Motorola Astro Digital Consolette (XTL) F CAB-00105A CAB-00410A
Motorola Astro Digital Consolette (XTL) F CAB-00412
Motorola AXU-4100 P CAB-00058
Motorola AXU-5100 P CAB-00058
Motorola BRP-40 P CAB-00058
Motorola CDM-750 M CAB-00113A CAB-00218A
Motorola CDM-1250 M CAB-00113A CAB-00218A
Motorola CDM-1550 M CAB-00113A CAB-00218A
Motorola CDM-1550LS M CAB-00113A CAB-00218A
Motorola CDM-1550LS+ M CAB-00113A CAB-00218A
Motorola Centro M CAB-00115
Motorola Compact M CAB-00115
Motorola CM200 M CAB-00107A
Motorola CM300 M CAB-00107A
Motorola CP-040 P CAB-00058
Motorola CP-88 P CAB-00058
Motorola CP-100 P CAB-00058
Motorola CP-140 P CAB-00058
Motorola CP-150 P CAB-00058
Motorola CP-160 P CAB-00058
Motorola CP-180 P CAB-00058
Motorola CP-185 P CAB-00058
Motorola CP-200 P CAB-00058
Motorola CT-125 P CAB-00058
Motorola CT-150 P CAB-00058
Motorola CT-250 P CAB-00058
Motorola CT-450 P CAB-00058
Motorola CT-450LS P CAB-00058
Motorola CLS-1110 P CAB-00058
Motorola CLS-1410 P CAB-00058
Motorola CLS-1413 P CAB-00058
Motorola CLS-1450C P CAB-00058
Motorola CTR-450LS P CAB-00058
Motorola DeskTrac F CAB-00215
Motorola DIU (requires TCI) B CAB-00307
Motorola DGP-4150 P CAB-00082A
Motorola DGP-4150+ P CAB-00082A
Motorola DGP-6150 P CAB-00082A
Motorola DGP-6150+ P CAB-00082A
Motorola DM4601 TRBO M CAB-00178
Motorola DTR410 P CAB-00058
Motorola DTR550 P CAB-00058
Motorola DTR650 P CAB-00058
Motorola DP3400 P CAB-00082
Motorola DP3401 P CAB-00082
Motorola DP3600 P CAB-00082
Motorola DP3601 P CAB-00082
Motorola EX-500 P CAB-00057
Motorola EX-600 P CAB-00057
Motorola EX-600XLS P CAB-00057
Motorola FR50 P CAB-00061
Motorola FR60 P CAB-00061
Motorola Genesis Convertacom CAB-00110
Motorola GL-2000 P CAB-00057
Motorola GM-160 M CAB-00113A CAB-00218A
Motorola GM-300 M CAB-00107A
Motorola GM-350 M CAB-00107A
Motorola GM-360 M CAB-00175
Motorola GM-600 M CAB-00107A
Motorola GM-900 M CAB-00109
Motorola GM-950 M CAB-00107
Motorola GM-1100 M CAB-00109
Motorola GM-1200 M CAB-00109
Motorola GM-1280 M CAB-00113A CAB-00218A
Motorola GM-200 M CAB-00109
Motorola GP-68 P CAB-00058
Motorola GP-88 P CAB-00058
Motorola GP-140 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-280 P CAB-00058
Motorola GP-300 P CAB-00058
Motorola GP-308 P CAB-00058
Motorola GP-318 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-320 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-328+ P CAB-00057
Motorola GP-328 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-329 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-338 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-338+ P CAB-00057
Motorola GP-339 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-340 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-344 P CAB-00057
Motorola GP-350  (Adpt HLN9482) P CAB-00058
Motorola GP-360 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-380 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-388 P CAB-00057
Motorola GP-640 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-650 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-680 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-900 P CAB-00055
Motorola GP-960 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-1280 P CAB-00056
Motorola GP-2000 P CAB-00058
Motorola GP-2100 P CAB-00058
Motorola GP-9000 P CAB-00055
Motorola GTI Series P CAB-00058
Motorola GTX Mobile M CAB-00107A
Motorola GTX Series P CAB-00058
Motorola HandiCOM P CAB-00058
Motorola HT-600 P CAB-00060
Motorola HT-750 P CAB-00056
Motorola HT-1000 P CAB-00055
Motorola HT-1250 P CAB-00056
Motorola HT-1250LS P CAB-00056
Motorola HT-1550 P CAB-00056
Motorola HT-1550XLS P CAB-00056
Motorola HT-2000 P CAB-00060
Motorola JT-1000 P CAB-00055
Motorola LCS-2000 M CAB-00107A
Motorola LTS-2000 P CAB-00058
Motorola M-110 M CAB-00115
Motorola M-120 M CAB-00107A
Motorola M-400 M CAB-00116
Motorola M-1225 M CAB-00107A
Motorola M-1225LS M CAB-00107A
Motorola Maratrac M CAB-00116
Motorola Maxtrac M CAB-00107A
Motorola MC-900 M CAB-00109
Motorola MC-Micro M CAB-00115
Motorola MCS-2000 M CAB-00109 CAB-00217A
Motorola MCX-600 M CAB-00107A
Motorola MCX-1200 M CAB-00109
Motorola MCX-2100 M CAB-00109
Motorola MCX-2000 M CAB-00109
Motorola MiCOM-2B M CAB-00138 CAB-00252
Motorola MiCOM-2M M CAB-00138 CAB-00252
Motorola MiCOM-2E M CAB-00138 CAB-00252
Motorola MiCOM-2ES M CAB-00138 CAB-00252
Motorola MiCOM-2TS M CAB-00119
Motorola MiCOM-3R M CAB-00119
Motorola MiCOM-3T M CAB-00119
Motorola MiCOM-3F M CAB-00119
Motorola Mitrek F CAB-00216
Motorola Motobridge 1 F CAB-00308
Motorola Motobridge 2 F CAB-00309
Motorola Motobridge 3 F CAB-00310
Motorola Motobridge 4 F CAB-00311
Motorola MotoTRBO Portable P CAB-00082
Motorola MTR-2000 B/R CAB-00406
Motorola MSF-5000 F CAB-00214
Motorola MT-500 P CAB-00060
Motorola MT-800 P CAB-00060
Motorola MT-1000 P CAB-00060
Motorola MT-1500 P CAB-00055
Motorola MT-2000 P CAB-00055
Motorola MTH-650 (Tetra) P CAB-00064 CAB-00063
Motorola MTH-700 (Tetra) P CAB-00064 CAB-00063
Motorola MTH-800 (Tetra) P CAB-00064 CAB-00063
Motorola MTH-850 (Tetra) P CAB-00064 CAB-00063
Motorola MTM-5400 M CAB-00176
Motorola MTP-850 (Tetra) P CAB-00064
Motorola MTR-2000 F CAB-00406
Motorola MTS-2000 P CAB-00055
Motorola MTS-2000 Convertacom M CAB-00139
Motorola MTX-HT P CAB-00055
Motorola MTX-LS P CAB-00055
Motorola MTX-820S P CAB-00060
Motorola MTX-838 P CAB-00055
Motorola MTX-850 P CAB-00056
Motorola MTX-850LS P CAB-00056
Motorola MTX-900 P CAB-00055
Motorola MTX-950 P CAB-00056
Motorola MTX-960 P CAB-00055
Motorola MTX-2000 P CAB-00055
Motorola MTX-6000 P CAB-00055
Motorola MTX-8000 P CAB-00055
Motorola MTX-8250 P CAB-00056
Motorola MTX-8250LS P CAB-00056
Motorola MTX-9000 P CAB-00055
Motorola MTX-9250 P CAB-00056
Motorola P-040 P CAB-00058
Motorola P-080 P CAB-00058
Motorola P-100 P CAB-00060
Motorola P-110 P CAB-00058
Motorola P-200 P CAB-00058
Motorola P-300 P CAB-00060
Motorola P-1225 P CAB-00058
Motorola P-1225LS P CAB-00058
Motorola P-2000 P CAB-00058
Motorola PM-400 M CAB-00107A
Motorola PM-1200 M CAB-00113A
Motorola PM-1250 M CAB-00113A
Motorola PM-1500 M CAB-00147 CAB-00247
Motorola PR-400 P CAB-00058
Motorola PR-860 P CAB-00056
Motorola PR-1500 P CAB-00055
Motorola PRO-3100 M CAB-00113
Motorola PRO-3150 P CAB-00058
Motorola PR0-5100 M CAB-00113
Motorola PR0-5150 P CAB-00056
Motorola PRO-5350 P CAB-00056
Motorola PRO-5450 P CAB-00056
Motorola PRO-5150Elite P CAB-00057
Motorola PRO-5550 P CAB-00056
Motorola PRO-5750 P CAB-00056
Motorola PRO-5850 P CAB-00056
Motorola PRO-7100 M CAB-00113
Motorola PRO-7150 P CAB-00056
Motorola PRO-7350 P CAB-00056
Motorola PRO-7450 P CAB-00056
Motorola PRO-7550 P CAB-00056
Motorola PRO-7750 P CAB-00056
Motorola PRO-9150 P CAB-00056
Motorola PTX-700 P CAB-00056
Motorola PTX-760 P CAB-00056
Motorola PTX-780 P CAB-00056
Motorola Quantar F CAB-00214
Motorola Radius M CAB-00107A
Motorola Radius T340 M CAB-00115
Motorola Saber P CAB-00059
Motorola Saber (Astro) P CAB-00059
Motorola Saber (System) P CAB-00059
Motorola Saber I P CAB-00059
Motorola Saber II P CAB-00059
Motorola Saber III P CAB-00059
Motorola Saber SVA M CAB-00110
Motorola SM-50 M CAB-00107A
Motorola SM-120 M CAB-00107A
Motorola SM-200 M CAB-00107A
Motorola SM-300 M CAB-00107A
Motorola SP-10 P CAB-00058
Motorola SP-21 P CAB-00058
Motorola SP-50 P CAB-00058
Motorola Spectra M CAB-00105A CAB-00212A
Motorola Spectra Hi Power M CAB-00118 CAB-00247
Motorola Spectra Plus M CAB-00105A CAB-00212A
Motorola Spectra W3 M CAB-00134 CAB-00246
Motorola Spirit GT P CAB-00061
Motorola Spirit GT plus P CAB-00061
Motorola SportBase M CAB-00107
Motorola TalkAbout Distance P CAB-00068
Motorola T270 P CAB-00061
Motorola T280 P CAB-00061
Motorola T289 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5100 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5200 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5300 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5320 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5400 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5410 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5420 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5500 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5600 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5620 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5700 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5710 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5720 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5800 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5820 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5920 P CAB-00061
Motorola T5950 P CAB-00061
Motorola T6200 P CAB-00061
Motorola T6210 P CAB-00061
Motorola T6220 P CAB-00061
Motorola T6250 P CAB-00061
Motorola T6300 P CAB-00061
Motorola T6320 P CAB-00061
Motorola T6400 P CAB-00061
Motorola T6500 P CAB-00061
Motorola T7200 P CAB-00061
Motorola Visar P CAB-00055
Motorola VL-50 P CAB-00058
Motorola X-1500 P CAB-00055
Motorola XPR-4350 M CAB-00163
Motorola XPR-4380 M CAB-00163
Motorola XPR-4550 M CAB-00163
Motorola XPR-4580 M CAB-00163
Motorola XPR-6300 P CAB-00082A
Motorola XPR-6350 P CAB-00082A
Motorola XPR-6500 P CAB-00082A
Motorola XPR-6550 P CAB-00082A
Motorola XPR-7000 CAB-00082A
Motorola XPR-7350 CAB-00082A
Motorola XPR-7380 CAB-00082A
Motorola XPR-7550 CAB-00082A
Motorola XPR-7580 CAB-00082A
Motorola XiRP-8200 P CAB-00082A
Motorola XiRP-8208 P CAB-00082A
Motorola XiRP-8260 P CAB-00082A
Motorola XiRP-8268 P CAB-00082A
Motorola P CAB-00082A
Motorola XU-1100 P CAB-00058
Motorola XU-2100 P CAB-00058
Motorola XU-2600 P CAB-00058
Motorola XV-1100 P CAB-00058
Motorola XV-2100 P CAB-00058
Motorola XV-2600 P CAB-00058
Motorola XTL-1500 M CAB-00114A CAB-00209B
Motorola XTL-2500 M CAB-00114A CAB-00209B
Motorola XTL-3000 M CAB-00114A CAB-00209B
Motorola XTL-5000 M CAB-00114A CAB-00209B
Motorola XTL-5000 Trunk M / H Pwr M CAB-00135 CAB-00247
Motorola XTL-5000 to DVRS – Y M CAB-00416
Motorola XTN P CAB-00058
Motorola XTN-446 P CAB-00058
Motorola XTN-500 P CAB-00058
Motorola XTN-600 P CAB-00058
Motorola XTS-1500 P CAB-00055
Motorola XTS-2000 P CAB-00055
Motorola XTS-2500 P CAB-00055
Motorola XTS-3000 P CAB-00055
Motorola XTS-3500 P CAB-00055
Motorola XTS-5000 P CAB-00055
Motorola XTS-XTVA M CAB-00111
Motorola Del SP Special Jumper M
M/A Com 405P P CAB-00074
M/A Com Jaguar 700P P CAB-00071
M/A Com EDACS 300P P CAB-00073
M/A Com EDACS 500M M CAB-00131 N/A
M/A Com Jaguar 725M M CAB-00129
M/A Com KMC-100 M CAB-00130
M/A Com KMC-300 M CAB-00130
M/A Com LPE-200 P CAB-00075
M/A Com M-803 M CAB-00128 CAB-00225
M/A Com M-7100IP M CAB-00129A CAB-00244A
M/A Com M-7200 M CAB-00145
M/A Com M-7300 M CAB-00144
M/A Com MPA P CAB-00072
M/A Com MPD P CAB-00072
M/A Com MRK P CAB-00071
M/A Com MRK-I P CAB-00076
M/A Com MRK-II P CAB-00076
M/A Com MRK-III P CAB-00076
M/A Com MTL P CAB-00072
M/A Com Orion M CAB-00129A CAB-00244A
M/A Com P5100 P CAB-00071
M/A Com P5130 P CAB-00071
M/A Com P5300 P CAB-00089
M/A Com P5400 P CAB-00089
M/A Com P7100-VHF P CAB-00071 00244A
M/A Com P7100-UHF P CAB-00071 00244A
M/A Com P7100-800 P CAB-00071 00244A
M/A Com P7130 P CAB-00071
M/A Com P7150 P CAB-00071
M/A Com P7170 P CAB-00071
M/A Com P7200 P CAB-00071
M/A Com P7300 P CAB-00089
M/A Com P7500 P CAB-00089
M/A Com P801T P CAB-00051
M/A Com Panther 500P P CAB-00074
M/A Com Prism P CAB-00075
M/A Com/Harris XG-75P P CAB-00089
M/A Com/Harris XG-100M M CAB-00144
Pheonix MC45 C CAB-00024
Puxing PX-328 P CAB-00052
Puxing PX-555 P CAB-00052
Puxing PX-666 P CAB-00052
Puxing PX-777 P CAB-00052
Puxing PX-777PLUS P CAB-00052
Puxing PX-888 P CAB-00052
Puxing PX-999 P CAB-00052
Puxing PX-3188 P CAB-00052
Q-MAC VHF-90M M CAB-00077
Receive Only 2.5mm R CAB-00102
Receive Only 3.5mm R CAB-00101
RELM RPU-416 P CAB-00052
RELM RPU-499 P CAB-00052
RELM RPV-516 P CAB-00052
RELM RPV-599X P CAB-00052
RELM RPU-3000A P CAB-00057
RELM RPV-3600 P CAB-00057
Rhodes & Swartz XD432U3 B CAB-00166
Rhodes & Swartz XD432U8 B CAB-00166
Rhodes & Swartz XT452U3 B CAB-00166
Rhodes & Swartz XT452U8 B CAB-00166
Rhodes & Swartz XU452U8 B CAB-00166
RITRON JMX-102 P CAB-00068
RITRON JMX-144 P CAB-00068
RITRON JMX-146 P CAB-00068
RITRON JMX-152 P CAB-00068
RITRON JMX-441 P CAB-00068
RITRON JMX-444 P CAB-00068
RITRON JMX-446 P CAB-00068
RITRON JMX-452 P CAB-00068
RITRON MBX Series P CAB-00068
RITRON Patriot SST plus P CAB-00068
RITRON Patriot RTX plus P CAB-00068
RITRON Patriot SST-144 P CAB-00068
RITRON Patriot SST-444 P CAB-00068
RITRON Patriot SST-446 P CAB-00068
RITRON RTX-050 P CAB-00068
RITRON RTX-150 P CAB-00068
RITRON RTX-450 P CAB-00068
RIOS CABLES Wireless Headset R CAB-00211
RIOS CABLES Serial Test Plug R CAB-00001
RIOS CABLES RIOS Extention R CAB-00002
RIOS CABLES Radio Development R CAB-00003
RIOS CABLES Generic Radio R CAB-00004
RIOS CABLES RIOS Radio ONLY Extention R CAB-00006
RIOS CABLES Console Microphone F CAB-00320
RIOS CABLES Foot Pedal F CAB-00321
RIOS CABLES Ethernet Loopback R CAB-00008
RIOS CABLES Tone Control Cable A R CAB-00303
RIOS CABLES Tone Control Cable B R CAB-00304
RIOS CABLES Tone Control Cable C R CAB-00305
RIOS CABLES Tone Control Cable D – TCI R CAB-00306
RIOS CABLES Tone Control Cable E – TCI R CAB-00307
RIOS CABLES Audio Distribution Input F CAB-00312
RIOS CABLES Audio Distribution Output F CAB-00313
RIOS CABLES Audio Distribution Input jumper F CAB-00314
RIOS CABLES ERCU Power Cable CAB-30003
RIOS CABLES ERCU Battery Cable CAB-30004
Satellite Motorola 9505 S CAB-00020
Satellite Motorola 9522 LBT S CAB-00020
Simoco DXM-9005 M CAB-00133 CAB-00223
Simoco DXM-9006 M CAB-00133 CAB-00223
Simoco DXM-9010 M CAB-00133 CAB-00223
Simoco DXM-9011 M CAB-00133 CAB-00223
Simoco DXM-9020 M CAB-00133 CAB-00223
Simoco DXM-9021 M CAB-00133 CAB-00223
Simoco DXM-9025 M CAB-00133 CAB-00223
Simoco DXM-9030 M CAB-00133 CAB-00223
SkyTerra MSAT-G2 S CAB-00029
Sony T68i C CAB-00021
Tait P8100 P CAB-00091
Tait P8100 P CAB-00091
Tait P8100 P CAB-00091
Tait P8100 P CAB-00091
Tait P9100 P CAB-00091
Tait P9135 P CAB-00091
Tait P9140 P CAB-00091
Tait P9155 P CAB-00091
Tait P9160 P CAB-00091
Telco Two Wire T CAB-00010
Telco Four Wire T CAB-00011
TecTron Ladybug CT-148 F CAB-00353
Thales Liberty P CAB-00083
Thales PR4G M CAB-00170
Thuraya XT P CAB-00035
Tone Control Cable A F CAB-00303
Tone Control Cable B F CAB-00304
Tone Control Cable C F CAB-00305
Vertex FT-50 P CAB-00065
Vertex FT-60 P CAB-00065
Vertex HX-471S P CAB-00065
Vertex VX-2R P CAB-00065
Vertex VX-5R P CAB-00065
Vertex VX-10 P CAB-00065
Vertex VX-110 P CAB-00065
Vertex VX-120 P CAB-00068
Vertex VX-130 P CAB-00066
Vertex VX-150 P CAB-00065
Vertex VX-160 P CAB-00066
Vertex VX-180 P CAB-00066
Vertex VX-210 P CAB-00066
Vertex VX-210A P CAB-00066
Vertex VX-300 P CAB-00065
Vertex VX-310 P CAB-00053
Vertex VX-350 P CAB-00066
Vertex VX-400 P CAB-00066
Vertex VX-410 P CAB-00066
Vertex VX-414 P CAB-00066
Vertex VX-417 P CAB-00066
Vertex VX-420 P CAB-00066
Vertex VX-427 P CAB-00066
Vertex VX-500 P CAB-00053
Vertex VX-510 P CAB-00053
Vertex VX-520 P CAB-00053
Vertex VX-520UD P CAB-00053
Vertex VX-537 P CAB-00081
Vertex VX-600 P CAB-00067
Vertex VX-800 P CAB-00067
Vertex VX-820 P CAB-00054
Vertex VX-821 P CAB-00081
Vertex VX-824 P CAB-00081
Vertex VX-829 P CAB-00081
Vertex VX-P820 P CAB-00054
Vertex VX-P821 P CAB-00054
Vertex VX-P824 P CAB-00054
Vertex VX-P829 P CAB-00054
Vertex VX-900 P CAB-00067
Vertex VX-920 P CAB-00054
Vertex VX-921 P CAB-00081
Vertex VX-924 P CAB-00081
Vertex VX-929 P CAB-00081
Vertex VX-P920 P CAB-00081
Vertex VX-P921 P CAB-00081
Vertex VX-P924 P CAB-00081
Vertex VX-P929 P CAB-00081
Vertex VX-2100 M CAB-00121
Vertex VX-2200 M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-2200V M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-2200U M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-2200V M CAB-00121
Vertex VX-2200U M CAB-00121
Vertex VX-2500-Coven M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-2500V M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-2500U M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-3000 M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-3000V M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-3000U M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-3200LTR M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-3200V M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-3200U M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-4000L M CAB-00122 N/A
Vertex VX-4000V M CAB-00122 N/A
Vertex VX-4000U M CAB-00122 N/A
Vertex VX-4100 M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-4104 M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-4107 M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-4200 M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-4204 M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-4207 M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-5500L M CAB-00122 N/A
Vertex VX-5500V M CAB-00122 N/A
Vertex VX-5500U M CAB-00122 N/A
Vertex VX-6000L M CAB-00122 N/A
Vertex VX-6000V M CAB-00122 N/A
Vertex VX-6000U M CAB-00122 N/A
Vertex VX-7100V M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-7100U M CAB-00136
Vertex VX-7200V M CAB-00121
Vertex VX-7200U M CAB-00121
Vertex VXA-300 P CAB-0090
Vertex VXF-1 P CAB-00065
Vertex VXR-7000 F CAB-00409
Vertex VXR-9000 F CAB-00409
Weierwei VEV-1000 P CAB-00052
Weierwei VEV-3288 P CAB-00052
Weierwei VEV-3288s P CAB-00052
Weierwei VEV-5288 P CAB-00052
Weierwei VEV-5299 P CAB-00052
Weierwei VEV-6288 P CAB-00052
Weierwei VEV-6299 P CAB-00052
Wouxun KG-679 P CAB-00052
Wouxun KG-689 P CAB-00052
Wouxun KG-689E P CAB-00052
Wouxun KG-699 P CAB-00052
Wouxun KG-801 P CAB-00052
Yaseu FT-8900 M CAB-00158
Yaseu VX-6R P CAB-00068
Yaseu VX-7R P CAB-00068
Yaseu VX-120 P CAB-00068
Yaseu VX-127 P CAB-00068
Yaseu VX-170 P CAB-00068
Yaseu VX-177 P CAB-00068
Yaseu FTA-550L M CAB-00179
Zetron Model-15 CAB-00302
2.5 mm RX Only 2.5 mm RX Only A CAB-00102
3.5 mm RX Only 3.5 mm RX Only A CAB-00101
1/4 in RX Only 1/4 in RX Only A CAB-00125
PC to RIOS PC to RIOS A CAB-00322
Cell Universal Cell Phone Universal C CAB-00026
Generic Radio Generic Radio to CA-0204A CAB-00009
RCA RX Only RCA RX Only CAB-00013