The SyTech Radio and Digital Intercom Unified System (RADIUS) enables interoperable voice communications among intercoms, two-way radios, computer clients, smartphones and other devices. Featuring an embedded Linux kernel for interoperable communications, SyTech RADIUS radio interoperability gateway combines mission-critical durability with advanced software capability to deliver the ideal communications gateway.RADIUS Radio Interoperability Graphical User Interface

RADIUS Gateway – Distribution Unit

The RADIUS Gateway functions as the primary interface for the RADIUS Crew Stations and connected radio resources. The RADIUS Gateway allows for up to sixteen (16) radio system interfaces operating on HF, VHF, UHF and other waveforms. The RADIUS Gateway operates in standalone mode via Linux operating system and can be configured with a detachable Windows computer operating the RADIUS Control Software. The RADIUS Gateway features 16 KHz sampling resulting in high-fidelity, wideband audio distributed to an options six (6) RADIUS intercom crewstations.

RADIUS 2U Rackmount

RADIUS Intercom Unit – Crew Station

The RADIUS Crew Station extends the capabilities of the RADIUS Gateway to the individual user. By utilizing the RADIUS Crew Station, the user is able to intercom among crew members as well as monitor and transmit to radio resources. The waterproof RADIUS Crew Station features a ruggedized LCD display with full-color capability. From the LCD display and keypad, the user is able to monitor multiple radio frequencies by selecting the left headset speaker, the right headset speaker, or binaural capability. Push to talk is accomplished via MIL-STD-810 headset with optional secondary headset for dual user capability.

The optional secure-wireless RADIUS handset software offers a free range of motion within proximity of the RADIUS Gateway while communicating with DISA approved, JITC certified wireless technology.

SyTech RADIUS Marketing Sheet

SyTech RADIUS Client Manual – For Software Version 3-16