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RADIUS Accessories

SyTech delivers the complete RoIP system by providing accessory options designed for real-world mission critical communications. Select from a suite of options, tailored to your unique system needs.

The RADIUS Crewstation

The RADIUS Crewstation enables selectable channel monitoring and transmission from a hardware device. RADIUS Gateways can accommodate  up to 4 crewstations via a physical connection from the gateway. The physical connection from the gateway provide power and data connectivity to the device. Additional crewstations can also be configured for remote access via TCP/IP. 

Channels from the RADIUS Gateway are pushed from the RADIUS Client to Crewstation. Channels appear on the crewstation LCD screen and can be selected for monitor and transmit from the illuminated keypad. 

The RADIUS Crewstation can be configured for single button push-to-talk microphones or military headset microphones with single PTT switches as well as two-way toggle PTT switches. 


Crewstation Application

The RADIUS Crewstation Application for Android replicates the physical crewstation on an Android phone. Connect via WiFi to the local RADIUS Gateway for two-way communications among radio, computers, and other smartphones. 

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SyTech Radio Interface Cables

SyTech Radio Interface Cables allow system owners to connect to all types of radios including portable, mobile, consolette, and manpack radios. Additional cable interfaces include connections for analog phone audio, pubic address systems and tone control components. 


Please review SyTech Radio Interface Cables Catalog for part numbers. Not all available cables are listed, please ask.  

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