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RIOS Unified Communications

RIOS combines radios, phones, computers, VoIP and video assets within an all-in-one interface designed for interoperable group communications. With RIOS, traditionally non-compatible resources are brought together with hardware and software engineered to bridge the gap in modern communications. 

  RIOS Radio Interoperability Graphical User Interface


System Advantages

interoperable communications

Today's interoperability systems extend beyond the basic patching gateway. For this reason, SyTech created a scalable, end-to-end interoperability product line that focuses on the system as a whole. SyTech works with your organization to design, deliver and support the complete interoperability system that meets and exceeds your unique communication requirements.

Step 1 - Decide What to Connect: The strength of RIOS resides in the system's ability to interface radios and telephones with RIOS Physical Ports; however, recent advances in video and smartphone technology have brought about RIOS Virtual Ports, software defined profiles that interface to variety of IP network devices.

 interoperable communications


Step 2 - Choose Your Gateway: For interoperability, one size does not fit all. In response to user demand, SyTech developed a scalable, IP-based RIOS Gateaway product line tailored to match the unique interoperability requirements of today's prevailing applications. 

 communications interoperability


Step 3 - Select Your Support Components: SyTech developed a full host of support equipment critical to the real-world operation of the complete interoperability system. Select from our profolio of components or select from our recommended application packages.   

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To begin, review the steps above to familiarize yourself with SyTech's approach to "The Complete Communications Interoperability System." After you have an idea about the type of system you're looking for, click here to request a quote. For additional assistance, contact RIOS Sales at 703-941-7887.