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RADIUS: Mission Critical ROIP Solutions and Gateways

The SyTech Radio and Digital Intercom Unified System (RADIUS) combines two-way radio systems, computers, smartphones, other devices within an all-in-one communications interface built for mission critical communications.

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RADIUS connects to all types of two-way radios including radios from Motorola, Harris, Codan, Kenwood, iCom and many others. RADIUS converts radio traffic to IP, enabling computers, smartphones, crewstations and other IP devices to communicate as one.


RADIUS Gateway:  Gateways Designed for Your Environment

  • Simplified IP Architecture

  • Linux-based Operating System

  • All-in-one Media Server Management

  • One-time Licensing without Recurring Subscriptions

  • Multicast Enabled

  • Motorola WAVE/Vocality Interoperability

  • Front Panel LED Interface

  • Fast Boot-up/Immediate Shutdown

  • Options for RADIUS wide area networking and the RADIUS Cloud


RADIUS Client:  Simplicity Meets Sophistication

Control of the RADIUS Gateway is accomplished via the RADIUS Client Application. The RADIUS Client for Windows combines powerful administrative control with the ease of use of RIOS cluster groups and user assigned channels.

  • Communicate with Radios, Computers, Smartphones & Crewstations

  • Easy to Use RIOS Cluster Groups & Channels

  • Enterprise-grade Assignment of Channels based on User Profiles

  • Widearea Networking with RADIUS Multisite

  • Remote Radio Control for APX/XTL Mobile Radios


RADIUS Accessories:  The Complete RoIP Solution

SyTech delivers the complete RoIP system by providing accessory options designed for real-world use. Select from a suite of options, tailored to your unique systems needs.

  • Intercom Crewstations

  • Smartphone Applications

  • Radio Interfaces Cables

  • SyTech CCU2 Dispatcher Module

  • Vehicular Support Components

For Data Sheets, Manuals, Diagrams and more, please visit the “More Info” page.

Contact a SyTech Engineer below to request a system design and quote.

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