Radio Interoperability Applications

Today’s radio interoperability systems must extend beyond the basic patching gateway. For this reason, SyTech created an adaptable, end-to-end interoperability product line that focuses on real-world radio interoperability applications. SyTech works with your organization to design, deliver and support the complete radio interoperability system that meets and exceeds your unique communication requirements.

Radio interoperability requirements tend to appear in four distinct categories:

  • Tactical: Requirements involve the portability, flexibility, and unique power requirements of the ad-hoc environment.
  • Mobile Command: Requirements involve the connectivity of vehicular resources. These resources can include portable radios, mobile radios, repeaters, computers and video systems.
  • Emergency Operations Centers: Requirements involve radio interface techniques to consolette radios and trunked radios systems. Considerations of networking capability and smartphone access are of value.
  • Widearea Radio Interoperability Networks: Requirements involve multiple locations with radios to be connect across an IP network. Considerations of networking capability and smartphone access are also of value.