RIOS Radio Interoperability Software

RIOS Radio Interoperability Software enables the user to access and unify radios, computers, smartphones and video resources within a single, ease-to-use software platform. Additional software components such as remote radio control, audio archiving, and video interfacing enhance the capabilities of RIOS beyond traditional radio interoperability software applications.

The table below outlines the various software components of RIOS. All systems include the standard RIOS Graphical User Interface with the ability to license advanced features as desired by the customer.

Software Component
Expandable Image Description
The RIOS Graphical User Interface RIOS Graphical User Interface The control software of the RIOS Radio Interoperability System.
RIOS Client Licenses
 RIOS Client Workstations with RIOS Client License Enables simultaneous access to RIOS from multiple Windows personal computers.
RIOS LiTE Smartphone Application
 RIOS LiTE Smartphone Application RIOS LiTE delivers the capabilities of RIOS to the Android and iPhone mobile platforms.
Remote Radio Control Remote Radio Control RIOS RCU allows the user to remotely view and steer several popular mobile and consollette radios.
RIOS Archive Recording and Playback Radio Archive and Playback RIOS Archive Recording and Playback enables audio recording and playback integrated within RIOS.
RIOS MultiSite Software  RIOS MultiSite Software The RIOS MultiSite Software enables the system owner to interconnect multiple RIOS systems via an IP network.
RIOS GPS Mapping  RIOS GPS Mapping RIOS GPS Mapping allows RIOS users to track GPS assets with a mapping interface.
RIOS Video Relay RIOS Video Relay The RIOS Video Software Module interfaces to IP video streams and relays the incoming video feed to the RIOS Interface.