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Import Historical Call Record Details

Live data is incredibly important for discovery, but historical call data can be what really solves a case. With ADACS4, agents can import and analyze historical call records from both targets and associates.

Historical Data Right at Your Fingertips

ADACS4 imports historical data and allows easy access to CDRs (Call Detail Records), enabling law enforcement to analyze the communication history of a target. With lawful intercept, historical CDRs enable further analysis and associate linking.
Historical information that can be imported includes:

Calls    Locations    Social Media Info    Phone Extractions

Analyze Information with Ready-To-Use Tools

Our intuitive, user-friendly interface allows agents to view data and analyze data from their choice of location, whether that’s the ADACS PC Client or the mobile-friendly ADACS Web Interface.

Working with Cellebrite to get Information You Need

SyTech is proud to work with Cellebrite to collect data on phone extractions and other data used in discovery. Cellebrite works with law enforcement as well as enterprise companies and service providers, allowing them–and us–to collect, review, analyze, and manage court-ordered digital data.

  • Import historical data from subpoenaed targets.

  • Includes all types of historical information including calls, locations, social media information, and phone extractions including Cellebrite.

  • Use analytical tools to determine associates, actions, and movement patterns.

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