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Live Collection

Monitor real-time voice, messaging, and data from service providers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and more.

Live Collection & Title III Surveillance

SyTech enables law enforcement to conduct real-time voice, data, and location collection and analysis by providing interfaces to all U.S. telecommunication providers. SyTech reduces the cost and complication associated with conducting a Title III intercept by eliminating the agency’s need to directly connect to the service provider. SyTech maintains secure VPN connections with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, other providers and ensures evidence-grade delivery of target content while offering software and hardware designed for the unique requirements of Title III electronic surveillance.

The image below illustrates SyTech’s unique ability to interface to the telecommunication providers, supplying electronically created evidence to the law enforcement agency.

Monitor Live Audio from Court-Ordered Sources

ADACS Live Audio Surveillance allow law enforcement to monitor live audio from court-ordered Title III sources. This includes cell phones, landlines, and VoIP audio sources. With real-time monitoring, law enforcement agencies and legal professionals can listen in on conversations as they happen, making it easier to gather evidence and build a case.

Court-Order Minimization Compliant

ADACS is also compliant with court-order minimization, which means that it only records and monitors conversations that are relevant to the court order. This minimizes the intrusion on an individual's privacy and ensures that the tool is being used for its intended purpose.

Archiving & Court Playback

The tool provides archiving and court playback options. This means that all recorded conversations are saved and can be accessed at a later time if needed. Additionally, the recordings are compliant with jurisdictional evidentiary standards, including direct archiving, making it easier to present them in court.

Flexible Discovery Export Process

The tool has a flexible discovery export process, making it easy for legal professionals to export the recordings in the desired format. This allows for more streamlined communication with other legal professionals involved in the case.

Title III Cameras for Integrated Video Capability

Finally, the tool allows for the integration of "Title III" cameras, providing an integrated video capability. This means that audio and video can be monitored and recorded simultaneously, making it easier to gather evidence and build a case.


ADACS provides a powerful solution for monitoring and recording live audio from court-ordered surveillance targets. With its compliance with Title III voice collection and court-order minimization, archiving and court playback options, flexible discovery export process, and integrated video capability, ADACS offers an excellent choice for law enforcement agencies and legal professionals.

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