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EIMS Information Management System

EIMS Capabilities

EIMS allows users to catalogue, store, edit, retrieve, and disseminate all types of electronic data in a wide variety of usable formats, including text, recorded sound, recorded video, photos, statistical graphics, illustrations, briefings, and technical publications and reports. EIMS enables the user to search, retrieve, and archive based on embedded content voluminous PowerPoint files, some of which contain as many as 250 slides. Searches can be conducted on specific words (or word roots) from which EIMS generates a thumbnail view of every slide containing the search word—either on the slide itself or in the slide notes.

Image by Aryan Dhiman

EIMS can also conduct searches on individual file properties such as title, subject, author, file name, and date created. New presentations can be generated from these thumbnail views and existing presentations can be updated with full confidence that the data modified today will be there tomorrow, thanks to EIMS’ re-indexing feature which catalogues the details on every slide (words, imagery, graphics, etc.) either automatically overnight or anytime the user so directs. This guarantees that the next day’s search “sees” everything in the database, both new and old.

Search reports can be exported to printable formats such as Excel, Word, and CSV, and organized by user-selected criteria, such as the name of the briefer, the title of the presentation, the subject, and key words, offering a quick and convenient way to present summaries of search results. Files in multiple formats (Power Point, Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TXT, RTF, WAV, AVI, MPEG, MOV, HTML, etc.) can be searched by different users accessing the same catalogue simultaneously, without impacting search speed or accuracy.

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