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Electronic Surveillance, Radio-over-IP Gateways, Advanced Communications Technologies.

SyTech manufactures voice, video, and data solutions specifically designed to resolve today’s most complex communications challenges. As a leading innovator of intercept, interoperability and advanced wireless technologies, SyTech engineers state-of-the-art signaling systems for federal, state, military and commercial organizations seeking a better way to communicate.
To learn more about the products we offer, select from the products below.


ADACS CALEA-Compliant Surveillance Systems

SyTech Advanced Digital/Audio Collection System (ADACS) provides law enforcement and intelligence agencies with the ability to intercept, track, record, and analyze switch-based voice, video, and data transmissions from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile and many other national and international service providers.


RIOS Radio Interoperability Systems

SyTech’s Radio Interoperability System (RIOS) combines radios, phones, computers, VoIP and video assets within an all-in-one interface designed for interoperable group communications. With RIOS, traditionally non-compatible resources are brought together with software and hardware engineered to bridge the gap in modern communications.


RIOS LiTE Smartphone LMR

RIOS LiTE enables Android and Apple iOS devices to communicate with any type of radio or personal computer via the SyTech Radio Interoperability System. RIOS LiTE creates a secure, encrypted connection across the customer’s preferred carrier network, allowing the permissioned user to extend the range of any radio system while offering unlimited communications interoperability.


SmartBug Covert Listening Device

The SyTech SmartBug transmits voice, video and GPS information from a smartphone device running the SyTech Smartbug Application connected across any cellular network. With the SyTech Smartbug, law enforcement can monitor the device from multiple IP locations including PCs, iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones.


RADIUS Radio and Digital Intercom Unified System

The SyTech Radio and Digital Intercom Unified System (RADIUS) enables interoperable voice communications among intercoms, two-way radios, computer clients, smartphones and other devices. Featuring an embedded Linux kernel for interoperable communications, SyTech RADIUS radio interoperability gateway combines mission-critical durability with advanced software capability to deliver the ideal communications gateway.



The SyTech TDIS–A3 Tactical Digital Intercom System provides mil-spec voice connectivity among crew members while offering tactical radio communications to dismounted forces and command personnel. Available for maritime or land-based vehicular environments, TDIS utilizes a modular design featuring two key components: the TDIS Crew Station (CS) and the TDIS Distribution System (DS) with IP network capability for MANET and other wireless configurations.


EIMS Information Management System

EIMS enables document search capability of online databases. EIMS allows users to catalogue, store, edit, retrieve, and disseminate all types of electronic data in a wide variety of usable formats, including text, recorded sound, recorded video, photos, statistical graphics, illustrations, briefings, and technical publications and reports.

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