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Tactical Digital Intercom System

The SyTech TDIS A3 Tactical Digital Intercom System provides mil-spec voice connectivity among crew members while offering tactical radio communications to dismounted forces and command personnel. Available for maritime or land-based vehicular environments, TDIS utilizes a modular design featuring two key components: the TDIS Crew Station (CS) and the TDIS Distribution System (DS) with IP network capability for MANET and other wireless configurations.

The SyTech R-TDIS Intercom System utilizes the RADIUS Linux-based software engine for ROIP and intercom at the tactical edge.

SyTech TDIS Vehicle Intercom System

The TDIS Distribution System functions as the primary interface for the TDIS Crew Stations and connected radio resources. TDIS DS allows for up to eight (8) radio system interfaces operating on HF, VHF, UHF and other waveforms. The TDIS DS operates in standalone mode via Linux operating system and can be configured with a detachable Windows computer. The R-TDIS Crew Stations operate with military-style headsets utilizing a two-way toggle switch for selectable intercom or radio communications.

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The TDIS Crew Station & Wireless Interface

The TDIS Crew Staton extends the capabilites of the TDIS Distributon System (DS) to the individual operator locaton. The operator is able to intercom among crew members as well as monitor and transmit to radio resources. The waterproof TDIS Crew Staton features a ruggedized LCD display with night-vision goggle compatbility. From the LCD display and keypad, the operator is able to monitor multple radio frequencies by selectng the let headset speaker, the right headset speaker, or binaural capability. The optonal secure wireless TDIS interface offers a free range of moton within proximity of the Distributon Unit while communicatng with DISA approved, JITC certfied wireless technology.

TDIS-A3 Data Sheet

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