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The Radius Cloud

The Radius Cloud extends the range of any radio system by leveraging any IP network.

Traditional two-way radios are limited by line of sight. In some cases, repeaters are leveraged to connect radio user across large geographical areas. However, if distances are too great or repeaters are not available, converting traditional radio to voice-over-IP enables near-limitless range and flexibility among radio systems.


The Radius Cloud and Radius nPoints make this possible. Simply connect a donor radio to the SyTech Radius nPoint and provide internet access to the nPoint. The Radius nPoint locates the Radius Distribution Service and enables seamless radio-over-IP to the distant end. With this configuration, radios with local access to the donor radio can communicate beyond line of sight to anywhere in the world.

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Unlimited Range | Total Interoperability

The Radius Cloud eliminates the need for a dedicated ROIP server while maximizing deployment speed and flexibility. The Radius Cloud can utilize any type of IP reachback including cellular, Internet, or Starlink. This includes land-based Internet, 4G/5G cellular Internet, or Iridium satellite. Moreover, if radio users are operating on non-compatible radios systems, the Radius nPoint provides interoperability among all radio systems.

The RADIUS Cloud enables RADIUS Gateways, Clients and Smartphones to communicate as one from anywhere with an IP connection. Hosted in the cloud, the RADIUS Cloud may be utilized to efficiently connect users to their radio gateway while reducing complexity and hardware requirement of wide area RoIP.


  • Connect RADIUS Smartphones for Push-to-talk Cellular Communications

  • Connect RADIUS Gateways for Wide Area RoIP Communications

  • Simplify Wide Area RoIP without the need for Public IP Addresses

  • Operational on AWS, JWCC, Starlink & Private Networks

  • Secure Communications with TLS Encryption

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