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RIOS for Mobile Command Vehicles

RIOS Mobile Command connects to on-board radios, repeaters, computers, and IP networks enabling interoperable dispatch communications from within the command vehicle environment.

The RIOS Radio Interoperability Gateway physically connects to on-board radio resources and converts the signal to IP. From the RIOS Graphical User Interface, the user is able to push-to-talk, monitor, bridge, signal, or control available radio assets. Extend the capabilities of RIOS to dispatch positions with RIOS Client software for Windows. SyTech offers additional support components such as DC power modules, audio controller and walk-up radio interface panels designed to seamlessly integrate with RIOS.

In all, RIOS functions as the common point of command control, delivering advanced communications capabilities with the ease of use of the RIOS Graphical User Interface.

RIOS Radio Interoperability Gateway:

The Common Point of Command and Control

RIOS Radio Gateway

The RIOS Radio Gateway I/O physically connects to the customer’s radio assets with the corresponding RIOS Radio Interface Cable. The gateway I/O receives the input from the radio and communicates the signal to the RIOS Server computer. The RIOS Server computer runs the RIOS Server Software, a background service operational within the Windows operating-system environment. Control of the system is accomplished through the RIOS Client Graphical User Interface.

RIOS Graphical User Interface

The RIOS Graphical User Interface combines radio, computers, smartphones and other resources within a single graphical interface. From within the interface the user is able to push-to-talk to radios networks, computer, and smartphones. Additional capabilities include the ability to monitor, patch, alerts, and control available radio assets. Please visit the software page for more information on the RIOS Graphical User Interface.

RIOS Client Software

RIOS Client Software allows for multiple RIOS users to access the systems from multiple Windows PCs. RIOS Client Software offers an alternative to radio manufacturer console systems. SyTech offers additional support components such as the SyTech CCU2 Desktop Audio Control which offers dispatch headset input, PTT microphone and foot pedal option.

In the Field

The video below features the City of Folsom Mobile Command / Communications Unit on scene at the California Capital Air near Sacramento, CA.

Recommended System Diagram

The diagram below illustrates the recommended configuration for a RIOS Mobile Command Vehicle system with 16 radio interfaces and 2 client workstations.

Additional Considerations

The diagram below illustrates the recommended configuration for a RIOS Mobile Command Vehicle system with 16 radio interfaces and 2 client workstations.

Required Components:
RIOS Interface Cables
Rackmount Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse

Recommended Options:
On-Site Installation
On-Site Training
Three Year Limited Warranty
SyTech Walk-Up Radio Interface Panel
Remote Radio Control with RCU Cables
Integrated Recording and Archiving

Customer Provisions:
Radio Network Entry Points
Requisite Antennas, Cables, Connectors and Separation
Uninterruptable Power (AC or DC)
Appropriate Rackspace (Approximately 8 – 12 Rack Units)
Additional System Requirements (per each customer)

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