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GPS & Location Tracking

Track and analyze targets and associates with E911 data, cell tower pings, and IP data. Combine the SyTech SmartBug and integrated third-party trackers to deliver an all-in-one interface for surveillance and tracking operations.

ADACS GPS and Location Tracking includes a range of features to help the investigator locate targets and track their movements in real-time. Here are some of the key features of GPS and Location Tracking within ADACS.

Receive E911 Locations, Cell Tower Pings & IP Data Location from target and associates

ADACS Location Tracking uses advanced technology to determine the historical location of a target. ADACS ingests E911 locations, cell tower pings, and IP data location to help the investigator track targets more accurately. This information is automatically plotted within the mapping interface, allowing law enforcement to easily see where the target has been and where they are heading.

In the image below, a live GPS location is plotted after receiving a text message from the target. 

Live GPS Tracking of Cell Phone

View Target Locations with Integrated Mapping Tools

ADACS includes advanced mapping tools that allow the investigator to view target locations on a map with incredible accuracy. Investigators can zoom in and out of the map, switch between various mapping databases, and query detailed information about each location. The mapping interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing the investigator to quickly find the information they need.

Plot Locations with SyTech FBI i1020 Database Integration & Range to Tower

ADACS integrates the FBI’s i1020 database, enabling ADACS to plot locations and track movements more accurately. ADACS can determine the range to towers, providing an accurate reading of the target's location. In the image below, a historical analysis reveal the locations for a target. 

Receive & Send Target Movement with Integrated Email Capabilities

ADACS includes integrated email capabilities, allowing law enforcement to receive and send target movement information. Investigators can easily share tracking information with other agents or receive updates on a target's movement in real-time. This feature makes collaboration and communication much easier and more efficient among all investigators.

Integration with Third-Party Trackers & SyTech Smartbug

ADACS offers the ability to integrate with third-party trackers and the SyTech Smartbug for integrated tracking operations. This feature allows investigators to track targets using a variety of different devices and systems, making it easier to coordinate tracking and surveillance operations.

Single Interface for Tracking the Movement of Any Target & Friendlies

ADACS provides a single interface for tracking the movement of any target and friendlies. Investigators can easily switch between different targets and view their movements on the same map. This feature makes tracking multiple targets much easier and more efficient.

Monitor real0time Title III voice, messaging, and data from targets using AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and more. 

Monitor live data including real-time data, caller information, and location.

 Import and analyze historical call detail records from both targets and associates.

Collect and analyze communications from social media platforms and email providers

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