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Emergency Operations Centers


RIOS Emergency Operations Centers

RIOS Emergency Operation Centers provide interoperable communications for radio systems within the dispatch environment. SyTech has installed, supported and upgraded various types of fixed-site installations including:

RIOS Interoperability Console.jpg

Fixed-site Installations

• Public Safety Answering Points
• Emergency Operation Centers
• Commercial Dispatching Centers
• Federal Monitoring Centers
• Department of Health
• Department of Transportation
• University and Athletic Operations

The RIOS Gateway interfaces to all types of conventional radios as well as trunking radio systems and repeater networks. Compatible radio-systems manufacturers include Motorola, Harris-MA/COM, Kenwood, EF Johnson, iCOM and many others.

A pioneer in interface technology, SyTech is capable of interfacing directly to the radio, at the tone level, or to the BIM/CEM level for use on the existing console. For more information on how RIOS interfaces to the radio system, please see the FAQ, “How Does RIOS Connect to My Radio System”.

Fixed-Site Workstations

RIOS Client Workstations facilitate control of the RIOS ICS by running the RIOS Client Application on a standard PC, connecting to the RIOS Server via IP and logging into an available Computer Connection Virtual Port within the RIOS GUI.All RIOS Client Workstations with Multi-User Access have the ability to view real-time events such as transmissions, receptions, and the making and breaking of cluster groups. Workstations can be permissioned to provide individual rights and privileges based on groups and users. Where authorized, all RIOS Workstations provide the ability to transmit, receive, patch, page, record, view and control both local and remote communication resources.

The graphic below displays a RIOS GUI with Universal Control Heads. The Universal Control Head, or UCH, provides dispatch-like control of the radio system for installations with the RIOS Remote Radio Control Software Module.

The various color bands around the UCH represent the remote RIOS ICS where the radio is physically interfaced. With this arrangement the dispatcher can operate the radio regardless of its physical location.

The image below shows a RIOS Client Workstation PC and CCU2 Audio Control Package. For this system, the RIOS Gateway patches two RIOS BIMs with two State Police radio channels. This technique allows any local or remote talk group to interoperate with the State Police radio network. Should the need arise, the dispatcher selects the pre-set configuration stored within the RIOS ICS and the cluster groups automatically appear.

Several RIOS Client Workstations are available including Desktops, Notebooks and VPN Clients. In addition to the computer, SyTech also offers wireless access and control via the RIOS Smartphone Application. For more information about various control methods of RIOS, choose from the options below:

• RIOS Client Desktop Workstation PCs
• RIOS Client Durabook Notebooks
• VPN RIOS Clients
• Smartphones with RIOS Lite

SyTech CCU2 Audio Control Package

The CCU2 Audio Control Package emulates dispatch functionality by providing a centralized command hub for audio connections. The CCU2 package includes external speakers, footswitch, cabling and the control unit with PJ-7 input for dispatcher headsets.

Customers can choose between PTT microphone or dispatcher headset with controller. The unit allows for simultaneous output for external speakers and microphone headset with automatic gain control. Dual audio paths are controlled by the user with individual audio control for left and right-side output.

Required Components:
RIOS Interface Cables
Network Cabling and Hub
RIOS Tone Control Interface Cards (Likely)
RIOS TCI Multi-Chassis (Likely)
Site Survey (Likely)

Recommended Options:
On-Site Installation
On-Site Training
Three Year Limited Warranty
Remote LMR Control

Customer Provisions:
Radio Network Entry Points
Requisite Antennas, Cables, Connectors and Separation
Uninterruptable Power (AC or DC)
Appropriate Rackspace
Additional System Requirements (per each customer)

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