Smartphone & GPS Mapping


RIOS Smartphone & GPS Mapping

RIOS GPS Mapping allows RIOS users to track GPS assets with a mapping interface. RIOS accepts standard NMEA data from smartphones and compatible GPS devices and plots their location with the RIOS GPS Viewer. RIOS GPS Viewer is compatible with several mapping interfaces including:

• Google Maps
• Bing Maps
• FalconView
• MapPoint
• Raptor X
• User Generated Offline Maps

Authorized RIOS Client and RIOS LiTE users are able to track GPS assets, use on-screen push-to-talk, and if licensed, use map collaboration tools. In the image below the RIOS Client user is tracking five RIOS LiTE Smartphones within the RIOS GPS Viewer accessing ESRI maps.

In the image below, the RIOS Client user is tracking an asset with Google Maps and Google Street view.


RIOS GPS Viewer with Google & Google Street View

In the image below the RIOS Client user has selected an individual RIOS LiTE user’s location. The RIOS Client user is able to communicate directly to the RIOS LiTE handset using the Asset Selection Tool located at the top of the RIOS GPS Viewer screen.

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