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Video Software Module

RIOS Video Software Module

The RIOS Video Software Module interfaces to IP video streams and relays the incoming video feed to the RIOS Interface.The RIOS Video Software Module allows the user to select the video feeds they wish to relay to the available RIOS Video Virtual Asset with the RIOS Interface.

The graphic below illustrates the RIOS Interface with Video Virtual Assets populated with the RIOS Video Server Module. In this depiction, an IP video feed is being received in RIOS Port 21. The user has selected to view this video feed as shown in the RIOS Video Control Window. Furthermore, a RIOS Video Cluster Group has been created. With this arrangement, the user has instructed the RIOS Server to push the video stream to the three RIOS LiTE Smartphones within the Cluster Group.


RIOS Video Viewer with RIOS LiTE Smartphone Relay

Recording and playback of RIOS Video is available with the RIOS Integrated Recording and Archiving module. RIOS prefers cameras manufactured by Sony, Axis and Panasonic at this time. Development of additional cameras is available. Contact SyTech RIOS Sales for inquiries.

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