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RIOS Support Components

SyTech developed a full host of support equipment critical to the real-world operation of the complete interoperability system. Select from our portfolio of components or select from our recommended application packages.


RIOS Radio Interface Cables

The table below displays the part numbers for currently available RIOS Radio Interface Cables. Column 4 displays the SyTech part number for the standard, push-to-talk RIOS Radio Interface Cable. If the radio is cable of remote radio control, Column 5 displays SyTech part number or the remote control unit (RCU) part number.

If your radio does not appear on the list, contact SyTech; almost all radios with an auxiliary port are compatible with RIOS.

RIOS Radio Interface Cables

SyTech Speaker Module

The SyTech Speaker Module provide microphone headset and audio control within a rackmount configuration. The SyTech Speaker Module offers shielded speaker output within a 2U rackmount configuration.


SyTech CCU2 Audio Controller

The SyTech CCU2 Audio Controller allows the user to control the audio level input and output of the RIOS Client operating on a Windows PC.


The SyTech CCU2 offers dispatch-style PJ-7 interface for two-prong dispatcher adapters and headsets. The CCU2 comes with mounting hardware to allow for installation below a desk or workstation.

SyTech Walk-Up Radio Interface Panel

The SyTech Walk-Up Radio Interface Panel operates a pass-through interface for easily connecting portable radios. The panel offers up to eight (8) pass-through interfaces that connect to the rear interface of the RIOS Gateway. The SyTech Walk-Up Radio Interface Panel is highly recommend for command vehicle configurations where access to the back panel of equipment is limited.


SyTech GSM Module

They SyTech GSM Module operates as a voice-calling interface via GSM cellular network. The module accepts a provisioned SIM card and associates with the corresponding cellular network for voice calling. The user is able to dial phone numbers from within the virtual keypad and phonebook within the RIOS Graphical User Interface.

RIOS connects to the SyTech GSM Module with SyTech RIOS interface cable part number CAB-00028.

RIOS Radio Interface Cables
SyTech Speaker Module
SyTech CCU2
SyTech Walk-up Panel
SyTech GSM Module

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