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Voice & Data Recording

RIOS Recording & Playback of Audio

SyTech offers voice and data recording for the RIOS Server with SyTech’s RIOS Playback Software Module. Based on SyTech ADACS Title III recording and playback software, RIOS Playback offers per-channel recording, playback, reporting, searching and exporting capabilities.

Per Channel Voice & Data Recording

To select a channel to record, the operator selects the Recording Function within the RIOS Interface and selects the channel(s) they wish to record. To launch RIOS Playback, the operator selects the Playback Function and RIOS Playback is launched as shown below.

RIOS Playback – Data Logging & Search

RIOS Playback allows the user to select any recording for playback, search for recordings with the Data/Time Quick Search, create Boolean searches based on specific data and input, and prepare files for offload to DVD as well as additional useful features.

Voice Playback

To playback a recording, the user selects the Playback Function from within the RIOS Interface. All RIOS Servers are capable of RIOS Playback and the RIOS Server will launch the SyTech ADACS software and present to the user a screen similar to the one shown below.

RIOS Playback – Playback with Synopsis

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