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For more than twenty years the SyTech Corporation has pioneered the art and science of technology-based communications. Established by former NSA and Naval Intelligence engineers, SyTech began with a commitment to deliver cutting-edge solutions to military and civilian government agencies seeking modern solutions to long-standing challenges. Over the decades, SyTech evolved to become one of the leading providers of hardware, software, and support services related to law enforcement communications collection, communications and radio interoperability and covert monitoring technologies.

Currently based in the Washington D.C. metro area, SyTech combines a distinctive blend of software development, custom-hardware manufacturing and IT expertise across all avenues of business. With so many capabilities under one roof, SyTech is able to rapidly deliver high-quality solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the individual customer. SyTech’s customer base includes local, state, and federal agencies nationwide, as well as commercial and government organizations around the world.

Systems Engineering Technologies Corporation

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Product History

As one of the original interceptors of CALEA-compliant communications, SyTech revolutionized the intercept industry by pioneering collection-decoding for large-scale, service-provider systems. As the original decoder of iDEN technology, SyTech’s Advanced Digital/Analog Collections System, ADACS, was able to supply the first fully-integrated cellular, iDEN, and telephony intercept system to law enforcement agencies nationwide. To this day, the ADACS Division of SyTech continues to develop and deliver intercept solutions to local, state, federal and international agencies seeking the best in switch-based intercept technologies.

In the mid 1990s, SyTech was asked to resolve a recurring challenge for law-enforcement operatives. During tactical operations, members of collaborative agencies were unable to communicate with non-compatible radio, iDEN, and cellular technologies. With guidance from law-enforcement operatives, SyTech introduced the SyTech Radio Interoperability System, RIOS. After a decade of product evolution, RIOS grew to become a leading communications platform for voice, video, and data-transport interoperability currently in use by hundreds of local, state and federal agencies.

Continued Course

SyTech sustains growth by constantly improving upon its core products while investing in research and development throughout the ever-changing communications landscape. Today, SyTech maintains its ambition to deliver the world’s best products within its respective industry while continuing to push forward on the frontier of technology.

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