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Radio over Starlink

Leveraging Starlink and the SyTech ROIP Gateway to create near-limitless radio communications.

SyTech’s Radio-over-Starlink enables long distance radio communications over affordable, low-latency sat comm. By combing the SyTech Radius Cloud architecture and Starlink network, system owners can leverage their Starlink equipment for long-distance radio communication. SyTech designed their ROIP architecture to leverage the benefits of the Starlink network; accessibility, speed, low-cost, and ease-of-use are hallmarks built into Starlink Radius tandem.

The diagram below outlines what is required for SyTech Radius radio communications over Starlink.

ST Radio over Starlink-1.jpg

For this article, we will focus on the leveraging the Starlink network as it presents an ideal solution for delivering near-limitless radio communications. The video below outlines a scenario where traditional two-way radio requires communications beyond line of sight. At Site A, a pair of Motorola radios are operating by line of sight. The goal is to enable interoperable communication from Site A to Site B, where Harris military radios are utilized.

Radio-over-Starlink Video Synopsis:

To accomplish the Radio-over-Starlink as demonstrated in the video, simply connect a donor radio to the SyTech Radius nPoint using the corresponding SyTech Radio Interface Cable. Next, connect the nPoint to the Starlink local network. The nPoint will find the Radius Distribution Service (DS) operating in the cloud. The nPoint will display a blue light to indicate a positive connection to the DS.

Log into the DS with the Radius Client. You will see the nPoint within the Assets area of the screen. Transmit from the field radio to the donor radio. The nPoint will display a red light to indicate receive audio from the donor radio. The field radio represents one radio with a large radio pod. The radio pod refers to all radios with local range to the donor radio. A radio pod might be comprised of a dozen or hundreds of radios so long as they have local comms with the donor radio.


From the Radius client, the nPoint’s on screen asset will turn green to indicate receive audio. From here, you can create a channel to hear the audio. Press and hold the PTT of the channel to transmit from the Radius client, through Starlink, to the field radio.


Repeat the process for additional radios. From the Radius client you will be able to create patches or channels among nPoints. The resulting configuration provides a dynamic, customizable platform for connecting distance, non-compatible radio pods.

What You'll Need:

  1. SyTech Radius nPoint
    The nPoint functions as the analog-to-IP gateway for the donor radio. The nPoint is programmed to locate the Radius Distribution Service based on the IP address of the Radius Cloud.


  2. SyTech Radio Interface Cable
    SyTech supports over 600 radio models from Motorola, Harris, Codan, Kenwood, iCOM, and many more.


  3. A Pair of Radios
    An operational pair of radios will provide the donor radio (connected to the nPoint) and the field radio (represents all other radios and good for testing). You can use a portable or mobile radio as the donor radio. A portable radio has less radio but is easier to connect as re-programming the radio is unlikely. SyTech can assist with battery eliminator for some models of radios. Mobile or consolette radio are preferred for permanent installation. SyTech assist with the program requirement for many of these radios.

  4. The Starlink Suite & Service
    In the demonstration SyTech is using the Starlink High Performance Antenna. The Starlink HPA is preferred it’s able to be operate on the move with optimal bandwidth.


  5. Access to the Radius Cloud DS
    The Radius Cloud DS is offered as a service from SyTech or a dedicated server owned by the customer. For the video, SyTech is utilizing the Radius DS operating on AWS. If you are using your own Radius DS, you will need a public facing IP address with required ports forwarded.

If you're ready for Radio-over-Starlink, contact SyTech to request a quote. Include you agency name, radio type or types, and number of donor radios and client log-ins required.  

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