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RIOS LiTE Smartphone to Radio

RIOS LiTE Smartphone LMR technology enables public safety, federal agencies and military organizations to communicate via smartphone to existing land-mobile radio systems. RIOS LiTE creates a secure, encrypted connection across LTE, 4G, 3G or Wifi networks, allowing your Android or iPhone to communicate to any radio, anywhere.

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How RIOS LiTE Connects to Your Radio System

RIOS LiTE connects to existing radio systems via the SyTech RIOS Radio Interoperability Gateway. The advantage to this approach enable the smartphone to become an interoperable HF/VHF/UHF and 700/800 MHz radio, capable of communicating on any frequency that is connected to the RIOS Gateway.

Advantages of Implementing RIOS LiTE Smartphone LMR

Two-way radios systems will always be around. However, the advent of smartphone and cellular networks allows radio system owners to enhance their existing network with smartphone LMR. Here’s why:

Extended Range: You can’t always be inside the range of your radio network. With RIOS LiTE, you don’t have to be. Simply launch the application from your Android or Apple device, log in, and communicate with any device on any network. Regional and nationwide law enforcement agencies use RIOS LiTE to fill the gaps in conventional and trunked radio systems.

Covert Operation: Law enforcement agents can protect their cover and safety with smartphone LMR technology during covert operations. RIOS LiTE allows the agent to communicate discreetly with a standard microphone headsets will remainin
g on their radio system.

Advanced Features: RIOS LiTE Smartphone LMR extends the capabilities of the RIOS Radio Interoperability System to the smartphone user. With RIOS LiTE, users are able to communicate directly with radio resources connected to the RIOS Gateway. Moreover, RIOS LiTE users are able to access advanced features such as radio patching, GPS, streaming video and file transfer.

Security – Department of Defense Approved Broadband PTT

SyTech understands the importance of wireless security. As such, the RIOS Gateway and RIOS LiTE Mobile Application adhere to the Department of Defense JITC requirements. As of May 2016, RIOS can be found on the DISA Approved Products List. To locate RIOS, visit the DISA APLITS website and select vendor “Systems Engineering Technologies Corporation.”

Next Steps

Receive a Free Trial, contact us below on how to download a free trial of the RIOS LiTE application.

Connect to the SyTech Public Server for a Free Trial Access. Click here to download the PDF Instructions.

RIOS LiTE Privacy Policy

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