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Covert Audio, Video & GPS for Law Enforcment

The SyTech SmartBug covertly transmits voice, video, and GPS information from an Android device running the SyTech Smartbug Application. Permissioned users can remotely monitor and control the SmartBug with an iPhone, iPad or PC operating the SmartBug Client. The SmartBug connects across any cellular network allowing for near-unlimited range, eliminating the need for RF transmitters and receivers.

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Covert Monitoring Designated for Law Enforcement

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The SmartBug Capabilities

The SmartBug relies upon the smartphone’s speakerphone microphone to deliver clear, ambient voice even while concealed. The SmartBug operates in a stealth-like mode deep within the phone’s operating system, undetectable to the average person yet remotely controllable by the user. The ADACS SmartBug offers internal and external recording along with integration within SyTech’s ADACS4 Intercept System.


The SmartBug relays ambient voice from the device to the distant monitor by  means of any cellular carrier. The remote monitor is able to listen, record and playback the recording using SyTech’s ADACS4 Intercept Platform Software. After the recording is complete, the remote monitor is able to export the file via CDR or other electronic means.


The SmartBug utilizes the phone’s integrated camera to stream live video relayed from the device to the remote location. The remote monitor can watch the video live, record it and/or play it back from within the ADACS4 Platform. The casual observer can not see that the SmartBug is relaying the video feed by examining the phone as the SmartBug software continues to remain hidden.


The SmartBug transmits GPS and call record data to the remote location continuously, or when asked by the SMS control. The ADACS4 Platform allows the user to view GPS locations within the Location Mapping feature of ADACS4. All collected data can be stored and queried for later use.

SmartBug Data Sheet

Purchasing SmartBug

SmartBug may only be purchased by law enforcement. For those who qualify, SyTech offers a variety of options for a free trial licensing. To obtain a trial license, complete the request below. 

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