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RIOS LiTE Privacy Policy:

This notice applies to all information collected or submitted on the SyTech RIOSLiTE App. The types of personal information collected at these pages are:

  • Device Email Account Name

  • Device Email Account Addresses

  • Device Location (Optional - Required to enable Man Down Alert Feature)

To protect both your security and specific site content, SyTech will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access to some content-protected areas. It is unlawful to intentionally misrepresent oneself to gain access to this information. All those attempting to do so may lose site privileges as well as face prosecution for all related transgressions, violations and criminal acts.


The Way We Use Information:

We use the information you provide about yourself when provisioning a device over a WiFi network to match with RIOS Server Account Information. We do not share this information with outside parties however, in some cases, SyTech may use this information to provision your device account with the RIOS Server on the same private WiFi network or to send the device push notifications.


RIOSLiTE App Location Usage:

The RIOSLiTE Android App has an optional feature for reporting the user's location to their team and to the communications center. This information is also used to handle the MAN DOWN ALERT feature and is intended to provide safety and back up for users working in the field.

Request a RIOS LiTE Quote:

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