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RADIUS Gateways

ROIP Gateways Built for the Tactical Edge

Customized with Arago and Yocto, SyTech built a customized Linux distribution specifically designed for the next generation of radio gateways. By leveraging the Linux kernel, SyTech is able to create resilient, secure, and highly scalable gateway solutions ranging from a couple of radios to thousands of users operating anywhere in the world.

RADIUS Radio-over-IP Gateay - ROIP

RADIUS 2U:  Rackmount Versatility

The RADIUS 2U interfaces up to sixteen radios within a rackmount configuration. Designed for operation centers, dispatch, and command vehicles, the RADIUS 2U maty be populated with 0 - 16 radio interface with an unlimited number of user-defined channels.

  • Interface up to 16 Radios

  • Interface up to 4 Physical Crewstations

  • Front Panel Radio Interface LEDs

  • LCD Screen & Keypad

  • Front Panel Radio Interface for One-time Licensing without Reoccurring Subscription Cost

  • Fast Boot Up / Immediate Shutdown 

RADIUS ROIP Gateawy - 4 Port

RADIUS 4 Port:  Powerful Portability

The SyTech RADIUS 4 Port Gateway connects up to four radio interfaces within a compact, portable design. The RADIUS 4 Port functions as a standalone radio interoperability gateway operational as a tactical radio gateway or edge network radio interface with the RADIUS Cloud. 

  • Interface up to 4 Radios

  • Linux-based Operating System

  • Removable CPU Card with Encrypted User Data

  • Functional as a Portable Gateway or Remote Radio Outpost with IP Connection

  • Remote Radio Control for Motorola APX/XTL Radio. 

  • LCD Screen with Keypad

  • Fast Boot-up/Immediate Shutdown

  • Water Resistant, Designed for IP-65

RADIUS nPoint - One Port ROIP Gateway.png

RADIUS nPointRemote Radio Extension

The Radius nPoint enables system owners to connect distant radio resources across an IP network. The nPoint connects to the radio via RIOS Interface Cable, converting the audio to IP, and relaying two-way to and from the RADIUS DS. The nPoint can connect to the RADIUS 2U, 4 Port, single DS Node, or RADIUS Cloud for distribution service.  

  • Enables remote radio control for distant radios.

  • Ideal for remote locations and UAV applications.

  • Secure with options for TLS, AES-256 encryption.

  • Options for multicast, unicast and UDP. 

  • Small, light-weight form factor.

  • Minimal power draw with type-C USB power.

  • Connect with RADIUS 2U, 4 Port, DS Node or Radius Cloud Service.

RADIUS CloudCommunications Everywhere

The RADIUS Cloud enables RADIUS Gateways, Clients and Smartphones to communicate as one from anywhere with an IP connection. Hosted in the cloud, the RADIUS Cloud may be utilized to efficiently connect users to their radio gateway while reducing complexity and hardware requirement of wide area RoIP

  • Enable near-limitless radio communications from anywhere with an IP connection.

  • Eliminate the need for a dedicated, public facing IP address at the tactical edge.

  • Eliminate the need for a server at the tactical edge.

  • Access the widearea system from any location with an IP address.  

  • Operational on AWS, JEDI, Starlink, or customer owner networks. 

  • Reduce cost and complexity by leveraging the Radius Cloud. 

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