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MultiSite Software

RIOS MultiSite Software

The RIOS MultiSite Software enables the system owner to interconnect multiple RIOS systems via an IP network. The encompassing RIOS Wide Area Radio Network results in a wide area radio network unlimited by range. With this arrangement, RIOS Global Users are able to remotely monitor, transmit from, patch, or control available radio resources.

In the image below, are RIOS Wide Area Radio Network is created using the RIOS MultiSite Software. In this example, local HF and VHF radio resources are connected locally to the RIOS TAC2 and patched to the remote site via an IP a network. The resulting patch creates a radio network unlimited by distance.


RIOS Wide Area Radio Network with MultiSite

Authorized RIOS Global Users are able to select the desired remote site they wish to interact with and are able to:

• Create Wide Area Patches and Dispatch Groups
• Enable Virtual Repeater Functionality
• Remotely Control Radios with RIOS RCU Capability
• Share Radio, Smartphone, Client or Video Resources

The graphic below illustrates a Multi-Site RIOS System. In this depiction, three RIOS systems are interconnected across an IP network. A wide-area radio network is created with a local asset at each RIOS location. Color coding illustrates the corresponding location of the connected radio asset. With this configuration, when a radio transmits at one location the connected radio assets will receive the transmission.


The graphic below displays the RIOS Global Configuration used to create to wide area network in the example above. Within this interface, the network administrator inputs the public-facing IP address of the RIOS site and RIOS Unique Site ID (USID) and pushes the information to the connected RIOS sites.


The RIOS Client Site List Selection (shown above) allows the system user to select the sites to be shown with the RIOS Graphical User Interface.

RIOS requires only one IP address per RIOS server location. By doing so, RIOS reduces address allocation and simplifies configuration of the network. The RIOS Wide Area Network can function with public IP addresses or with dedicated routing components with dynamic DNS.

SyTech can customize your RIOS to connect with the network resources you currently own and operate. Whether connecting with satellite, dedicated intranet, Internet or cellular, SyTech can help integrate the ideal network solution specific to your organization’s requirements.

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