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Remote Radio Control

RIOS Remote Radio Control

RIOS RCU allows the user to remotely view and control several popular mobile and consollette radios from the RIOS Client Application. RIOS RCU provides for a variety of control head functions such as channel toggle, zone toggle, scan, numerical input and other functions depending on the radio make and model.

Our most popular control interfaces include:

Motorola :: APX and XTL Series, CMD, PM-1500, ASTRO, SPECTRA and other models
Harris :: PRC-117F, PRC-152A, PRC-117G
Kenwood :: TK and NX Series
iCOM: Various Models
Additional models, please ask.

RIOS Remote Radio Control requires the corresponding RIOS RCU cable and RIOS RCU Profile software. Talk to SyTech to discuss this option further. For the most up-to-date list of radios that offer RIOS RCU, download the review the RIOS Master Cable List, RCU Column.

RIOS RCU – Specific and Universal Control Heads

RIOS provides for two types of control heads: Specific Control Heads and Universal Control Heads. The following section discusses Specific and Universal Control Heads in more detail.

Specific Control Heads

Specific Control Heads replicate the front-panel interface of the specific physical radio. This feature provides familiarity to users accustomed to specific radio types. In the graphic below, Specific Control Heads are shown for the Harris 117 military radio and Kenwood TK-series mobile.  As a working partner of the various military operations, SyTech was authorized to develop this technology with the associate partners.


Universal Control Heads

Universal Control Heads provide a consistent display regardless of radio make and manufacturer. This feature is most often used in dispatch-like scenarios. In the graphic below, Universal Control Heads are selected for the corresponding mobile radios. Universal Control Heads, or UCHs, can be resized to suit the operational requirements of the user. To adjust the size of the UCH, the user simply drags the sizing arrow at the bottom right of the UCH.


For added usability, RIOS UCHs are color-coded to match the corresponding color of the site for which the radio belongs. In the graphic above, the color band around the UCH is light blue, matching the color of Site 1.

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