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RIOS Data Sheets

The SyTech RIOS gateway combines radios, computers, smartphones, and SIP assets within a multi-user interface designed for interoperable group communications. The RIOS gateway is comprised of two key components: The RIOS I/O chassis and the RIOS Server computer. The RIOS I/O chassis acts as the physical interface to the user’s radio system. The RIOS I/O chassis offers a variety of signaling interfaces via D-Sub 26-pin connectors. The RIOS I/O chassis physically connects to the interoperable communications switch, the RIOS Server computer. The RIOS Server computer runs the RIOS Server software, a background service operational within the Windows operating-system environment. RIOS Client, the control program of the RIOS gateway, runs locally on the RIOS Server computer or on RIOS Client PC workstations connected to the RIOS Server computer via network connection. Together, these components comprise the SyTech RIOS gateway system.

SyTech offers a variety of RIOS gateway systems and auxiliary support components. The data sheets below offer additional information regarding these product offerings. For additional information, contact RIOS Sales team below.

RIOS Data Sheets

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